The Epitome Of Modern Rustic Industrial Home Decor

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Rustic and Modern and Industrial, Oh My!

When it comes to finding the perfect design style, a real crowd-pleaser is the Modern Rustic Industrial style. It is a unique approach to interior design that has something for everyone. Smooth and sleek lines juxtaposed with warm wood tones and brick textures make it hard for anyone to find a qualm with this accommodating style. Designed by Oh Beauty Interiors, this home is the epitome of the Modern Rustic Industrial style.

Modern Rustic Industrial Home Decor
Modern Rustic Industrial Home Decor 3
Modern Rustic Industrial dining room
Modern Rustic Industrial living room with library
Modern Rustic Industrial dining room Decor
Modern Rustic Industrial living room

Industrial Bones

Stained concrete floors provide an industrial parallel to the bare concrete ceilings acting as bookends to this eclectic room. The exposed brick wall also infuses an industrial feel but with warmer red tones. The exposed pipes throughout provide the perfect industrial addition to the room without overwhelming the other styles.

Modern Vibes

The modern touches of this room include the sleek and geometrical accent furniture and lighting fixtures. The entry table, coffee table, and end tables provide flawless ninety-degree angles, while the kitchen table is circular with a modern black finish. The circular shape of the table is echoed by the circular dome light fixture hanging above it, as well as the circular mirror above the entryway table. The finishing touches throughout the living room also add to the modern vibes. The spherical light fixture above the coffee table provides a modern contrast to the various ninety-degree angles on the bookshelves.

Warm Woods

To finish out this distinctive style, warm rustic touches balance out the cool modern pieces. The driftwood bench under the window, the wood doors of the entryway table, and the wooden chairs around the modern table are all critical to the delicate balance of this style. Rustic vibes can all so be found in the accent decor such as the greenery on the coffee table, the eucalyptus on the kitchen counter and the pampas grass in the back corner of the room.

If you’re looking for a style that has a little bit of everything but creates a distinctive style of its own without a thrown together look, then the Modern Rustic Industrial style is exactly what you need. Accentuating the existing industrial feel of the room, you can add modern touches with sleek geometric furniture and light fixtures. To give the room a bit of warm and coziness, add warm wood tones throughout and finish with a comfy couch and statement accent chairs. You’ll have a Pinterest-worthy room in which everyone wants to spend their day.

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