Timeless Modern Interiors That Are as Functional as They Are Beautiful

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Chelius House of Design is a full-service functional interior design firm. Specifically it is on the border of Los Angeles/Ventura county, in Southern California. They specialize in creating timeless, modern, livable interiors that are as functional as they are beautiful. Below you can check their work, to see what these home interiors, of that kind, look like.

Functional interior design photos

As you can see, functional interior designs can be spotted in different rooms of the house. Whether it is for your bedroom, bathroom, living room and so on. Without doubt, this design is suitable for every single case. So, why not take a look at these examples below and see in what ways you can have it.

Now, this is what this design’s creators have to say about their work in home interiors:

Our goal at Chelius House of Design is to elevate the design and style of every space we touch. This by infusing our design expertise with your vision for your home.  We take your wishes and dreams for each space and create a reality far beyond what you imagined. By layering a unique combination of classic yet inspired textiles. And delicately weaving a mix of textures, patterns, and hand-selected accents into the design. We bring a fresh perspective to each of our clients’ projects and the end result is nothing short of amazing.

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