Fireplace Color Ideas – Turn a dark dreary fireplace into a bright, modern fireplace with paint

pink phuchsia Fireplace Color Ideas

If the bricks in your fireplace now have a dark brown color, then it’s overdue for a fireplace makeover. There are several ways to give your fireplace a face-lift. But one of the easiest ways to restore its beauty is to paint it. This post contains a simple procedure and some fireplace color ideas to brighten up your fireplace.

black Fireplace Color Ideas

To start with, you’ll need a few tools and supplies. You can buy them from a reputable home improvement store. Some of the most important items needed are: cardboard, paint tray, paint brush, roller cover and paint roller. You will also need base coat paint, accent paint, and a big O-Cel-O sponge. You are at liberty to choose the colors of the base coat and accent paint but you may use Desert Fortress and Smoked Oyster (both from Valspar paint) for a start.

Begin your fireplace makeover by cleaning the bricks. Remove any soot, dirt or dust. You can use a broom or hard brush to do this. Next, put on the base paint with the paint roller. Then use the paint brush to apply paint to all the areas that are not properly coated by the roller. Allow this base coat to dry for a few hours.

After the base paint is thoroughly dry, you can add the accent paint with a sponge. Cut the sponge to the exact size of your bricks. Dampen it in water and squeeze out all the water. Pour a little quantity of your accent paint in a tray. Put the sponge into the paint tray to soak up a little paint. Make sure an even amount of paint is on the sponge by blotting it on cardboard. Then press the sponge lightly against each brick. After the accent paint is dry, your fireplace will have a bright modern look.

mustaard Fireplace Color Ideas

Fireplace Color Ideas

coral Fireplace Color Ideas

Fireplace Color Ideas 2

purple Fireplace Color Ideas

dark brown Fireplace Color Ideas

black Fireplace Color Ideas

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green Fireplace Color Ideas


deep dark purple and mirror Fireplace Color Ideas

red Fireplace Color Ideas

turquoise Fireplace Color Ideas

beigeFireplace Color Ideas


pastel colorful Fireplace Color Ideas


bright bold pink Fireplace Color Ideas

pastel colorful Fireplace Color Ideas

mood green Fireplace Color Ideas


orange Fireplace Color Ideas

That’s a simple way to do a fireplace makeover. Now, it’s your turn to share your fireplace color ideas. Do you know an easier or more creative way to give your fireplace a face-lift? Kindly share your thoughts and ideas in your comments. Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Fireplace Color Ideas – Turn a dark dreary fireplace into a bright, modern fireplace with paint”

  1. I love these bold colors and their contrast with the fireplace. Simply Amazing. Recently came across another designer discuss contemporary luxury furnishings. Fantastic read.

  2. I think I have hit Nirvana on great photos. I notice some fireplaces are not even real fireplaces but just decorative eye candy in the room. I am in the situation of dealing with an ugly brass outdated fireplace, and now I want to update the “look”. Thought of painting the walls and/or the fireplace itself. Then found a site that has a buyers guide to fireplace inserts, so someone like me can convert an old fireplace into a new modern electric fireplace. Has anyone done this before?

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