Four easy ways to incorporate trends into an old coffee table.

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Do you have an old coffee table in your home? Or, have you seen one that you really like in an antique store? With a few creative ideas, you can easily transform your old coffee table into an attractive piece of furniture. Here are four ways to renew or reuse your old coffee table.


Decorate your table with flowers

You can get pictures of flowers and photocopy them or go to your garden and snap bold pictures of flowers. Then cut them out and apply a layer of modge podge on the table. Place the pictures on the table and then add a thin layer of modge podge on top of the pictures. After the modge podge is completely dry, apply varnish.


Create shelves out of your table

Cut the table into two halves using a saw. Let one piece be a bit wider than the other. Paint the two pieces with the same color of paint you have on your wall. Then use a shelf bracket (in the same color) to fix the cut pieces unto the wall.


Elevate your table

Cut your coffee table into two equal halves. Place one piece on the other and attach them to the wall using shelf brackets. You can give the new shelves a classy feel with silver leafing. These shelves can be used as a side table in your foyer or entrance-hall.


Create a weathered appearance

Apply a thin coat of candle wax to a few areas of your table. Put a coat of universal undercoat or primer on the entire coffee table. Paint it with your desired color. When the paint is dry, you should use coarse and fine sandpaper to take off the top layer of paint from areas where you applied the candle wax previously. The former layer of paint will show through these areas and give it a unique weathered appearance.

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diy old coffee table ideas

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There you have four creative ways to re-use or renew your old coffee table. Which of these methods do you like most? Are there any other ideas you have about how to transform an old coffee table? Please leave a comment and share your ideas. Thanks.

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