The Continuum Table by Joseph Walsh

Continuum Table by Joseph Walsh

Joseph Walsh’s creative approach reflects his appreciation of nature and also his desire to engage the user with visual and tactile forms.

The great understanding and sympathetic use of the material, the intimate relationship between the process of finding forms and creating structures and the continuity and resolve from the concept stage to the making process define his studio and work today. Walsh’s workshop – employing an international team, engineering, resolving and crafting the work – continues to develop skills and to challenge existing practice in achieving the ambitious pieces realised, while employing wood in new and innovative ways.

His work can be found in many significant international Museum and Private Collections and is regularly exhibited at the major art and design fairs.

The Continuum Table explores the transition and relationship between massive eroded forms and delicate free form composition. The solid form is a reconstruction of a solid log through an assembly of thick layers which are carved into shape, the free form bursts from this into a delicate bent form composition informed by the materials elasticity.

Continuum Table by Joseph Walsh 2


Continuum Table by Joseph Walsh 3

Continuum Table by Joseph Walsh4

Continuum Table by Joseph Walsh 5

Continuum Table by Joseph Walsh 6

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