Can Objects Have Negative Energy?

A lot has been said about the “energy” of a room, an object or a person and plenty of cultures believe it can affect you, making you depressed and sick. However, can Objects Have Negative Energy?

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Does positive and negative energy exist?

It absolutely does. Energy is a concept plenty of cultures and religions believe in: in China we have Feng Shui, Fusui in Japan, Vastru Sashta in India, “positivity” and “negativity” in European pagan religions…

There are as many definitions for it as there is people, but a simple definition is the “feeling” or “aura” people and objects have and that can affect your own.

Have you ever spoken to someone and while the conversation wasn’t boring or uninteresting they left you feeling… drained, or sad ? That was their bad vibe affecting yours and draining it. Just like people can have negative energy, so can objects.

Can an object have negative energy?

They can. Objects can act as “vessels” for our emotions, and they can attrat and store our negative energy, turning into a “black hole” for positive energy.

When we associate negative emotions with an object (for example, it was gifted to us by someone we don’t like a lot; or because it reminds us of a particularly hard time in our life) it can start to represent negative things for us, and store negative energy.

Likewise, if we have an emotional outburst in a room (such as becoming really angry and having a fight, or becoming sad and having an emotional breakdown) our feelings can linger in the room, and the objects can pick it up and store it turning into black holes.

A lot of cultures also believe that a messy room, a bad arrangement of furniture or overall a room that doesn’t look beautiful will constantly affect your mood, making you feel bad and those “bad feelings” will affect the room creating a feedback loop.

How do I let go of negative energy in objects?

Each culture has its own way, but most of them call this process “cleaning” the room. You can physically clean it by reorganizing it and keeping it neat and tidy, you can clean through sound (listening to the sounds of rain, for example), giving the negative object a thorough wash, letting more sunlight into your room…

Experiment with different ways and you will soon find the one that works best for you.


All in all, negative objects can affect you, but your own negativity can also affect objects, creating a feedback loop. Try to stay positive, practice self improvement and do your best not to let the negativity settle in.

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