These 9 Objects Create Negative Emotions

Decorating the inside of the house goes beyond the aesthetic aspect. It’s important to learn that decor objects may influence positively or negatively the energy of the house. And the energy of the house can respectively impact your mood in its own way. To avoid sad situations, here are some objects that create negative emotions and that you should not use!

Which objects can bring negative energy?

Some objects may promote negative emotions inside the house. The reason could be its nature, material, origin, or external shape.

These objects can generate feelings of irritability, sadness, and tiredness. Also, generate symptoms like discomfort and insomnia.

Here is a list of 10 popular decor objects that create negative emotions.

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Withered flowers

Plants and flowers are an excellent element for the good energy in the house… If they’re alive.

Having withered flowers and dead plants represent death. They will undoubtedly bring bad energies to your house and possibly affecting your health.

Sharp objects and weapons

Swords, knives, and similar objects are considered negative decorative elements. Both their shape and purpose emit negative emotions affecting the energy flow in the house.

Dark quilts

A dark quilt brings emotions like apathy and depression. For your bed, it’s recommended to stay with light or neutral colors.

Home appliances or a TV in your bedroom

The bedroom is your place to rest and recharge batteries. A large TV harms the good energy that should be in the room. These appliances affect us even when they are off, they are definitely one of those objects that create negative emotions to you.

Sad or violent pictures and illustrations

Pictures are an essential part of the decoration, but we have to choose them wisely. These kinds of images on the walls affect the humor and well-being of the people who live in the house.

They also promote anger, negativity, and stress. Taking away our physical and emotional energy.


We all need a mirror in our house. However, there are some forbidden places for mirrors you should know.

A mirror in front of the main door diverts positive emotions. Repelling harmony and naturalness. Additionally, a mirror inside the bedroom can lead to nightmares and insomnia according to Feng Shui.

Dirty dishes

Dirty dishes and a dirty kitchen overall promotes negative energy inside the house. Make sure to keep your kitchen clean and throw the garbage away to eliminate negative vibes.

Wall clocks without batteries

If your wall clock has stopped working, be sure to replace its batteries soon or consider removing it for a while. Your energy will stagnate just like the clock.

Broken objects

Having broken objects inside the house make the environment denser and heavier. Your home appliances, stove, bulbs, and any device must work correctly.

If you have a broken object in the living room or kitchen, it’s better to remove it from the decoration.

Nevertheless, the thorns of the cactus are thought to protect their owners when kept outside.

How to increase positive vibes

Now you are aware of the bad influence these objects have in the house. However, there are more elements considered negative for decorating a home.

Be sure to fill your home with only those objects that provide good energy and positive vibes. Move or replace those who do the opposite. And then off you go! You are ready for a house filled with positive energy!

Interested in learning decor tips about your home? You are in the right place! Our decorating ideas will inspire you to create the best home decor possible! What are you waiting for?!

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