Fresh Bright and Sophisticated Kate La Vie’s Home

Kate La Vie‘s new 3-bedroom apartment in Glasgow was originally a rental apartment that the couple bought with the intention to renovate while living in another apartment. Initial work on the apartment was halted due to the pandemic but once restrictions were lifted, builders got to work on it full time and now the entire space is almost done.


The home’s main attraction is the arched shelves complimented by the Parisian paneling which givens the entire place a truly European vibe. Painted in light olive green, the shelves are functional and serve as a display area for the knick-knacks that give more depth to the room. However, the intricate Parisian paneling still maintains the level of sophistication that the owners wanted to introduce into space. Well-chosen furniture adds the continental feel of the space from the mustard sectional, wooden side tables and armoires, to the elegant floor lamps that bring added illumination.

The owners had to make practical renovations to certain elements of the apartment. One major renovation is changing the swing door on the bathroom to a pocket door. The pocket door slides into the wall, freeing up more space for shelving and allowing them to cover the exposed pipes on the ceiling.

They also kept an overall color scheme of white, pastel pinks, and gold mixed with natural materials like wood, bamboo, and rattan. Some fixtures feature metallic finishes for a touch of high-end elegance that balances out the wood and bamboo accents found in the rest of the furniture. This combination creates a light, breezy, and natural feel in all the rooms especially in the bathroom, where the gold brushed finish complements the rustic wooden paneling, drawers, and countertops.

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