Creative Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

pumpkin decorations

Fall is such a pretty time of year! Halloween and Thanksgiving arrive in Fall and both holidays make me think of pumpkins . .  carved, decorated, used as centerpieces, on mantels and front door decor. Pumpkins add stylish, creative and fun touches to fall decorating. This post is specially for those who love impressing without too much mess and with little time. Easy peasy pumpkin decorations coming up here! Check out these Creative Pumpkin Decorating Ideas.

orange and white pumpkin centerpiece

Orange-and-white centerpiece. White pumpkins encircled by bittersweet vine and set along an orange table runner create a striking table arrangement.

gold leaf pumpkin decorating idea

Gold-leaf pumpkin. This white-and-gold arrangement dresses up a porch or mantel. Coat real or crafts-store leaves with gold spray paint, then glue them to small white pumpkins (look for varieties such as ‘Lumina’ or Cotton Candy at your local farmers market or pumpkin patch). Paint small orange gourds gold to match the color scheme.

fanciful pumpkins decorating ideas

Fanciful pumpkins. Fluttering butterflies alight on pumpkins in this attractive fall centerpiece. For this easy fall craft, we spray-painted faux butterflies from a crafts store all black for a sophisticated look and then trimmed their wires to press into the pumpkins’ skin. A harlequinlike mask adds whimsy.

pumpkin decorating painted bats

Go batty. Painted bats (or bats cut from black construction paper) look spooky on your doorstep or inside.

Via Midwest Living

pumpkin party cooler

Pumpkin Party Cooler. You don’t need a fairy godmother to turn a pumpkin into an ice bucket. Choose a large, wide pumpkin. Cut off the top third with a serrated knife or keyhole saw and scrape out the pulp and seeds. Line the gourd with a glass or plastic bowl to prevent it from becoming water-logged. If the pumpkin opening is a bit too small for the bowl, carefully shave the inside edge with a spoon. Finish by filling the bowl with ice and bottled drinks. Fill the bowl with ice and bottled drinks.

Via Martha Stewart

Glittered Chevron Pumpkin

Glittered Chevron Pumpkin. Hunt down sparkly ribbon for this oh-so-easy chevron pumpkin. Cut lengths to make a zigzag line around the top of your pumpkin, then attach with spray ahesive. Press adhesive gems above the ribbon for embellishment.

Pretty Tape-and-Ribbon Pumpkins

Pretty Tape-and-Ribbon Pumpkins. Turn plain pumpkins into posh squash using decorative Japanese washi tape and rickrack. Add vertical stripes using the natural grooves as guides. Or go horizontal for a change of pace. Painting the pumpkin’s stem adds glam.

Glittery Pumpkin decorating idea

Glittery Pumpkin. Glam up a pumpkin with silver sequins, rhinestones, and a metallic silver spider.


pumpkin fireplace decorating idea

Set your hearth ablaze with these pumpkin-carved flames.
Get the how-to from Country Living

Romantic pastel painted pumpkins

Romantic pastel painted pumpkins.

Get the how-to from alisa burke

spooky pumpkin decorating idea

Stage a spooky scene by assembling a colony of these winged creatures made from miniature pumpkins and craft foam.

Get the how-to from Spoonful

sugarcoated glittered pumpkin

Let your pumpkins glisten by brushing them with acrylic paint and then sprinkling them with iridescent sparkles as seen on A Field Journal.

Funcy ombre pumpkin decorating idea

Funcy ombre pumpkin.

Get the how-to from fankytime

Decoupage lace pumpkin decorating idea

Decoupage lace pumpkin.

Get the how to from eclectically vintage

halloween Scaredy Cats pumpkins decorating ideas

Scaredy Cats. Creating a trio of crystal-accented cats is so simple, it’s frightening. Pick large pumpkins for the bodies, smaller ones for the heads (snap off stems; turn upside down), and squash for the tails. Spray on a couple of coats of glossy black paint, and carve almond-shaped eyes. Cut triangle ears and collars from felt; affix with straight pins. With a hot-glue gun, attach plastic gems and rhinestone strips for purrfectly gloomy glamour.

pumpkin halloween decorating ideas

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