Bathroom Design Ideas for BookLovers

Are you a bookworm looking to add some literary flair to your bathroom? Then look no further! We’ve got some great design ideas that will make your bathroom feel like a library. From wall-to-wall bookshelves to reading nooks and more, these creative bathroom ideas for booklovers will help you bring the joy of reading into your bathroom. Let’s get started!

Images: Pulitzer Prize-winning author Michael Cunningham’s NYC bathroom / Photography:  Joshua Simpson

Large Soaking Tub


If you want to take things up a notch, why not consider adding a reading nook to your bathroom? You might want to abandon the traditional tub in favor of an extra large soaking tub so you can luxuriate while enjoying your book at the same time.

Bookshelves Galore

bathroom with freestanding tub and  bookshelves

A great way to add a touch of literary charm to your bathroom is with bookshelves. You can find shelving units that fit snugly against the walls or even freestanding floating shelves that can be placed in corners or other areas of your bathroom.

Image: Corte della Maestà

Or, if you have enough space, why not go all out and create a floor-to-ceiling library wall with desk? This is especially great if you have an abundance of books that need a home—you’ll never run out of room again!

Floor-to-ceiling Galvanized-iron Bookshelves


Designer Christian Astuguevieille has made a truly unique bathroom with his signature blend of style and comfort. Floor-to-ceiling galvanized-iron bookshelves line the walls, giving a contemporary rustic feel that is as creative as it is cozy. It’s the perfect place to spend a few moments away from your day, winding down and getting lost in a book.

Reading Materials on Display


You don’t need huge amounts of space to create a cozy atmosphere filled with books. If shelf space is limited, try adding small baskets or trays along the windowsill or countertop where you can store magazines and newspapers.

inder stairs barhroom storage bookcase
Images: Smith & Vansant Architects
bathroom with books above the toilet
Image:  Alvhem

A great solution for a tiny bathroom is to store the books above the toilet. Unlock the Magic of Over the Toilet Shelves: Creative Storage Solutions

Image: Book storage in the form of shelves above the washbasin

And don’t forget about those hardcover novels too – create small clusters on top of cabinets for added visual appeal.


Image: DIY above the toilet shelves by  Macy Evonosky

With just a few simple changes, you can turn any ordinary bathroom into an inspiring library full of literary charm and comfort. From wall-to-wall shelves to cozy reading nooks and displaying materials on display, there are plenty of creative ways for booklovers to bring their love of literature into their bathrooms. So what are you waiting for?

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