What Colors Are Popular For Christmas 2019?

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It may seem like colors for the Christmas season remain the same from year to year: red, gold, some forest green. There seem to be some unspoken rules about what colors can be used for Christmas decorations, and which ones can’t. But those are rules that can actually limit you in your Christmas decorations. Those are rules that are meant to be broken. Christmas takes place at the very end of the year. And is actually the best moment to revisit the colors that have been popular in the past 12 months. So here are some popular colors for Christmas 2019 you can try right on! From decorating your tree to choosing the color scheme for your Christmas dinner plates and serviettes and everything in between!

So which colors should you choose for Christmas 2019?

coral Christmas color for 2019


This year, Pantone named “living coral” the official color of the year. This delicate hue is somewhere at the crossroad of red, pink and orange, and is a truly warm color that doesn’t stop to inspire us. Its warmth makes it the perfect color for the Christmas season. Though we tend to place coral center-stage during the summer months, it’s actually a color that works well with cooler tones as well, blues and grays. The best thing about it? It works very well combined with the other traditional Christmas colors: deep green and gold. So why not switch your red for coral this year?

lime green Christmas color for 2019 decorations

Lime Green

If replacing the red in your Christmas decorations color scheme doesn’t work for you, then how about replacing dark green with lime green? We’ve seen lime green all over the place this year. It has been on clothes, on advertising, and even on the hair of some our most beloved celebrities! Lime green is definitely a fun, young and dynamic color that can infuse a little extra energy into any Christmas decorating. Give it a try, you may just find it’s what you need to really bring Christmas alive this year!

gold Christmas color


Gold is a classic and yes, it does come back every Christmas season. But, gold is particularly one of the most popular colors for Christmas 2019. We’ve seen a renewal of interest in flashy gold jewelry, home decor, and even some beautiful gold wallpapers! What we really love about gold is its ability to combine beautifully with almost any other color.

This year, why not combine gold with earthy tones like ochre, khaki, or terra cotta, which have also been at the forefront of the fashion world? Including gold tones in your Christmas decoration is easy: just use a couple of golden accessories like napkin rings, use gold paint on your Christmas cards, or invest in some golden hanging suspensions.

Christmas has the same mood every year: it is a celebration of warmth and joy in the coldest month of winter. But this doesn’t mean you can’t switch things up, and try some different Christmas colors for your decoration! This year, try out some coral, lime green or gold in your Christmas color palette, and you may just find it brings some precious new energy to the party!

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