10 Amazing White Country Kitchens

White country kitchens are always on-trend, and the great thing about them is that they are classic. The idea and reality of white kitchens are that they can be easily found in any design, be it contemporary, rustic, or classic. There is something simply appealing about white kitchens as they give a sense of cleanliness while being a great foundation on which to show your personality. Most importantly, the white color provides complete functionality to any kitchen ideas. Which is also the heart of every home.

White is a perfect and timeless color, which will always be trendy. But when it comes to decor, several benefits are irreplaceable. The white color makes space look larger, blends in with almost every shade, and creates a breathable interior. This color is most commonly used in public areas, kitchens, or bathrooms. This is not surprising at all as these places have to look bigger and more comfortable as we use them very often.

White country kitchens to die for

Now we bring you inspiration for the design of your kitchen! Here are a few options to create your own cooking space in the most attractive way possible, far from boring.

Image: DeVOL

white country kitchen with cabinets

White country kitchens are suitable for small spaces that lack natural light because white creates a sense of openness. And shiny surfaces reflect light and make the space visually larger. Note that there are multiple shades of white. It is advised to choose warmer shades of white (from the yellow-red part of the color spectrum). Because the snow-white coming from the blue-green part of the spectrum knows to make the space cool. Wooden details such as bar stools and countertops are accents that can give warmth to the white kitchen.

Colors in white kitchens can be introduced through floor tiles, wall coverings, and worktops. An important element of interior design is light. When planning your kitchen, pay special attention to the illumination of work areas such as the kitchen sink and worktop. The lighting gives the stamp and character to the white kitchens. The high-rise parts most affect the design of the kitchen, as you can see them anywhere in the room and take up quite a lot of space. According to research, one-third of the budget is spent on kitchen cabinets when renovating the kitchen. White is also the most commonly used color.

Image: boho and nordic

white kitchen with brown rug

One of favorite insta country kitchens.

Image: bytrineravn

white country kitchen with blue cook

A country kitchen can be elegant too. That blue lacanche range definitely caught our eye! 

Image: Elizabeth Raith

white country kitchen cabinets

Image: dixonkirbyhomes

white country kitchen tiles
open shelves in kitchen

Images: the indigo house

open shelves and kitchen cabinets

Image: Sarah Jacobson

white kitchen with black details

Idea: Angie May

white and black kitchen

Image: Historiska Hem

special kitchen tiles
Modern country kitchen


Benefits of white country kitchen

  • White can push the boundaries of space, making the room more spacious, and brighter;
  • If the kitchen is small, white is the best solution;
  • This kitchen color is bright, and even if it is a small window, you will have a sunny feeling;
  • White is considered a universal color because it combines beautifully with all tones. You can use your favorite colors and experiment with them without fear;
  • The white kitchen looks amazingly modern and fresh.
  • The white color in the kitchen combines great with all the colors you like. It allows you to add red vases, bowls or green houseplants, and yellow lovers can bring a touch of freshness to yellow chairs.
  • Such a modern kitchen always looks flawless and perfectly clean, and the white color opens up space and will make the small kitchen look big too.
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