36 Bathroom Paint Color Ideas That Are Breathtakingly Brilliant

If you aren’t planning on renovating your bathroom soon but still want to give it a new look, then it’s time you pick up your paintbrush. A new pop of color in your bathroom can make a huge difference, especially when you have the right idea about a bathroom color scheme. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer subdued neutrals, a bold look, or dramatic hues. There’s an elegant bathroom paint color that will give the space a new look and feel. These 36 bathroom color ideas will transform your space from boring to magnificent.

Image: I SPY DIY

Best Bathroom Paint Colors


1 – Dark Teal

Dark teal is a great color to work with, plus your bathroom, being a small section of your house, can be a great place to experiment with since this is a bold color.

Image: Haneen’s Haven


2 – California superbloom

Revamp your bathroom with a teal, scarlet, fiery orange, and marigold bathroom wallpaper. The rich colors layered on top of each other are reminiscent of beautiful wildflowers. The abundance in this color scheme will give you a dramatic and natural feel, especially if you don’t mind being “extra.” It’s a good idea to let the focal wallpaper shine by adding simple fixtures and decor.


3 – A splash of red

You might think red is a little too much, but it’s actually not. Ardent Coral is a great example. It’s bright and full of life. If you’ve never thought of incorporating red anywhere in your house, your bathroom will be a great place to start.


4 – Make a statement with gray

It’s hard to go wrong with a little gray. One popular shade is Antique Tin. It gives you a dark neutral hue, but at the same time, it is pretty bold. This powerful color will work incredibly well if you have some white bathroom tile on the walls and floors, making it possible to go for a much deeper hue. You’ll maintain both a modern contrast and classic feel.

5 – Black is bold

Black offers the best of both worlds. When you have a black accent wall in your bathroom, it gives you an extra sophisticated look. However, keep your other walls white to ensure all the sunny areas still look fresh and bright.

6 – Try flirty pink

Pink is considered neutral. It’s incredibly grounding when you pair it with white. That’s the perfect combination for your bathroom. Try investing in pieces that pair well with the color that will leave your space feeling cozy and light.

Images: House Beautiful, Beautiful Historic 1870s Townhouse

7 – Powder blue

Adding powder blue in your bathroom brings in a punch of color. If neutral colors do not work for you, it’s an excellent choice for a change. Powder blue isn’t saturated at all and will last for a while. Some other great shades of blue include Sleepy and Languid Blue.

Images: lonny, Betsy Nixon Hazard, Shaun Smith Home – Photography by Brittany Ambridge


8 – Slate blue and white

This color scheme is an attractive modern option for your bathroom. Shades of blue can bring a sense of calm and peace to a space. Try copper and brass to balance the gray undertones if you want to maintain a warm and inviting design. You’ll end up with a lustrous finish.


9 – Icelandic falls

The Scandinavian style is a favorite for most people. If you’re one of them, then try ice gray hues. Matte Black will inspire some thoughts of glaciers and waterfalls. Add an extra movement to your design by adding Calacatta Covelano marble lines on countertops and the back wall.

Image: Vogue Living


10 – Yellow

Don’t get trapped in outdated thoughts that yellow only works well for nurseries and beach houses. It’s an excellent bathroom option as well, especially if you have a modern farmhouse. Yellow walls act as a sunny backdrop for white cabinets. Achieve the design with a light lemon shade.


11 – Bring in magenta

Magenta isn’t a prevalent color to come across, especially in a bathroom. Nonetheless, it’s unique and does add a great spark. It’s a perfect fit for someone who needs a unique feel. Complete the eclectic look with a piece of abstract art.


12 – Colorblock with green

A little splash of green brings about a lot of calmness to a space. Try it on an accent wall first. If you think it’s a good look, then you can decide whether you want to paint the rest of the bathroom or not. It’s also OK to leave it at that.


13 – Chilled out coral

Burnt coral brings about a nice balance in your bathroom between sophisticated and edgy, unique and neutral, soft and bold. You can add gold accents that will give you a feel that’s both contemporary and timeless.


14 – Timeless beige

When you have wood paneling, paint it in a soft greige shade that will add a classic backdrop to your bathroom. Wooden materials and geometric tiled floors complement beige paint. You get an elegant look.

15 – Joyful turquoise

A nice adventurous mix of different colors, textures, and patterns brings about a lot of character. Adding a turquoise wall adds more to it.

Images: Four Generations One Roof, BHG

16 – Sunny orange

Orange will bring about a vibrant pop of color. Try painting your cabinets with a rich tangerine shade. Ensure the cabinets match your tiles and natural tones that will bring out the orange undertones.

Images: DIY, apartment therapy

17 – Romantic mauve

This color might seem like an unexpected shade of paint to go with, but it perfectly matches any brass fixtures and lighting you might have.

Images: Design: Heidi Caillier Design | Photography: Haris Kenjar, Lauren Caisley Interiors , Design: Studio Rey | Photography: Chris Snook

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18 – Pale gray

Pale gray is a soothing color to use. Paint it on your wall above your walls to keep your space neutral and calm. It’s not too bright, which allows it to work perfectly. Use gold fixtures and accents to help contrast the color.

Image: Mandy


19 – Lemony yellow and slate gray

Among the many bathroom color scheme ideas available, this is one of the best. Indulging in a lemony yellow, slate gray color palette, and alabaster will provide you with comfort and warmth all year round.


20 – Crisp white, black, and mist

When looking to modernize a retro bathroom, a mist and an elevated gray hue are perfect. You’ll achieve a modern 1950s aesthetic.


21 – Midnight sky

If you don’t love bright colors, then this inky color palette will work great for you. It will give you an at-home under-the-stars feeling.


22 – Graphite gradient

This color palette is sleek and edgy. It employs a variety of gray shades to provide you with interest against the white. Your bathroom will feel clean and refreshing. In order to fully complete this look, choose high-gloss, smooth, and clean-lined silhouettes. The neutral palette also works well with a touch of lively color from houseplants.

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23 – Au naturel

An all-white bathroom can become tiring at some point, and you’d like to change that. If you aren’t doing a complete remodeling, try and freshen up the look with metallic elements that are antique-inspired as well as golden wood. It will offer you a nice natural feel that’s minimal yet elegant.


24 – Cabana blue and white

This theme makes you feel like you’re at the beach in your own bathroom with cabana blue and white. In a contemporary bathroom, mosaic tiles will give the pattern a nice glittering effect. Add some brushed brass fixtures to complete the look.

25 – Soft sunshine

This soft sunshine color scheme evokes a French country aesthetic. Using a delicate yellow hue brings about a lovely cottage charm to your bathroom. It pairs amazingly well with vintage and rustic elements. Complete the look with some floral or dainty patterned curtains.

26 – Grounded brown

Combining mocha-painted walls with natural stone countertops gives you a lovely oasis that’s earth-inspired. A neutral clay color scheme is excellent for your bathroom.

27 – Sage green

This color is an excellent choice for when you want a refreshing feel. Feature some lantern-style light fixtures and some antique oak washstands to bring about a vintage feel.


28 – Dark blue

Pairing some retro blue tiles with floral blue wallpapers, as well as some porcelain accents, gives your bathroom a fresh and stylish look. Use a slightly different shade of blue to polish the look a little more.

29 – Pistachio

Pistachio-colored walls in your bathroom paired with a patterned shower curtain will energize your bathroom space.


30 – Mustard

You can’t go wrong with mustard. It gives you an earthly color scheme. It’s both appealing to the eye and fits well with wood accents.


31 – Lavender

Eye-catching lavender walls in your bathroom give a luxe feel.


32 – Forest foliage

Moody green interiors are currently trendy. Hues like emerald, olive, or hunter paired with jute accents and natural wood bring a subtle, elegant look.


33 – Deep navy

Bold is always better sometimes. A nice dark navy wall evokes serious drama in your bathroom.

Image: Southern Hospitality


34 – Peachy pink

A pink bathroom is beautiful, and it can feel grown up too. A peachy hue gives some playfulness and glam.

Image: Domino


35 – Off white

White always works. Off-white evokes warmth to your bathroom without overpowering it.


36 – Ink

If your space has wallpaper coverings, color your ceiling with a shade-like ink that might seem too bold for large areas.


A unique pop of color can change how your bathroom looks and feels. The choices are endless, but the ones we’ve outlined are great choices no matter what you like. Your bathroom is a personal space for a reason. Ask yourself how and when you use your bathroom before deciding on a color. You might prefer a family-friendly style, vintage, or a peaceful spa-like space. There’s a color that will work for whatever you have in mind.

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