Beautiful Historic 1870s Townhouse

A full gut renovation and interior design by Arazi Levine, brings this historic 1870s townhouse back to its glory days.

In the initial site visit we observed that this house had two distinctive areas – a ‘front’ and a ‘back.’ The front of the house had a grand living room, high ceilings, elaborate original wood built-ins and a stunning view of the Charles River. The ‘back,’ however, included a tiny kitchen and two bathrooms renovated in the 80’s in a style that did not match the level of detail and character of the ‘front.’

Thus, the goal was to create continuity between the different spaces and to build a common thread that would turn a disjointed condo into a home with a coherent story. The design strategy focused on blurring the line between the ‘old’ and the ‘new’; choosing finishes and patterns that were modern but have an ‘old world’ or ‘patina’ look. We borrowed architectural details such as wall trims, medallions, and moldings from the ‘front’ and applied them to the ‘back’, incorporating modern items alongside vintage ones to create a layered look.

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