Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

Remodeling your bathroom can be confusing at times. There are so many different shapes, colors, and designs of tiles available on the market. Changing the bathroom tiles remains the best choice when it comes to giving your space a new feel. But how can you be sure you are making the right choice? Here are some trendy bathroom tile design ideas that will not go out of style anytime soon.

Image: AD / A Waterworks mirror and fixtures grace the pool bath; mosaic tile by Badia Design; vintage Giuseppe Ostuni copper sconce from Galerie Half

Bathroom Tiles

1. Matte Finish

Matte tiles have a very soft yet powerful look that can enhance the overall aesthetic of a bathroom. The matte finish is classy, providing a sleek look to the flooring or walls. They are also easier to maintain because they show less dirt and water stains. Manufacturers have also gotten more creative with matte finishes rather than glossy ones, and you can now find them in all sorts of wood grains or fabric-like textures.

Image: Laura U Design Collective

Wood-like bathroom Tiles design idea

2. Wood-like Tiles

One of the biggest trends in tile flooring at the moment is tile that resembles hardwood. These tiles come in a variety of styles and colors, and they look so realistic. Most have a modern yet elegant look, but there are also options that can add a rustic look to your home if that is what you want. Popular shades right now are grey, white, as well as other cool tones. You can use the same color on the walls or choose contrasting colors – they are so versatile and neutral that just about anything will work wonderfully with them.

Image: gray girl

metallic bathroom tiles design idea

3. Metallic Sheen

A metallic sheen will give your bathroom a futuristic vibe. Because it’s reflective and shiny, it’s one of the most dynamic styles you can choose when remodeling your bathroom walls. Metallic tiles will give your space an edgy and modern feel. They go well with neutral color tile flooring.

bathroom with white tiles and black and white stencilled flooring tiles

4. Retro Stenciled Tiles

If you’re into retro décor – and who isn’t – then you may want to opt for black and white stenciled tiles. Their intricate patterns are mesmerizing and will fit like a charm in any bathroom. Retro tile flooring goes amazing with either white beadboard, wainscoting, or brightly colored walls.

Image: Blissful Design Studio

bohemian bathroom with green mosaic tiles

5. Mosaics

Moving forward on the same note, here’s another classic that never went out of style: mosaics. The white marble ones are among the most popular choices for bathroom décor these days. They come in a variety of shapes, including hexagons, small squares, basket weaves, chevron, and even Moroccan tile shapes. Some homeowners like to use the same marble tile throughout the bathroom, but you can always mix up the shapes on the floors and walls for more texture.

Image: natinstablog

small bathroom with white Linear Patterns tiles grey vanity and hanging plants

6. Linear Patterns

For those that prefer a minimalist look, some of the best bathroom tile design ideas involve linear patterns. You can place linear tiles both on the floor and walls, especially in listellos. You can also use linear patterns to highlight the shower area.

Image: Mo

bathroom with blue and white Moroccan tiles and copper freestanding bathtub

Moroccan cement blue and white tiles by Granada Tile.

7. Inky Blue

Blue walls give the bathroom a cool effect. This color has been one of the most used when it comes to bathroom interior design. Blue tiles seem to have disappeared for a while, but they are now back to reclaim their throne. You can choose different shades of blue and mix them up to give your bathroom more dimension and depth.

Image: RUE magazine

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