10 Easy Ways To Give Your Bathroom A Romantic Makeover

Whether Valentine’s day is approaching or you simply want to add a little romance into you and your significant others life, a bathroom romantic makeover can be an amazing way to get this done. Regardless of your reasoning for doing so, it can easily be modified. You can turn it into a romantic bathroom to further enhance any sparks already present. The only thing that stands in your way is to know exactly how to do this! For this reason, here comes this post.

Elegant French cottage bathroom renovation

Image: French Country Cottage

Steps for a romantic bathroom

There are a wide array of modifications you can make to your home to further romantic experience. This article will show you how. More specifically, it will be comprised of 10 easy ways to transform a standard bathroom, into a romantic bathroom! Let’s get into this.

repainted romantic bathroom

Consider re-painting

This is probably one of those bathroom ideas you didn’t think of! The colour scheme surrounding your home and bathroom can outline yourself as a person. Those who opt for more bizarre and unusual colours tend to be a little more eccentric and bold people. As opposed to those who simply go with black or white. In this case, try and go with love-themed colours such as gold, bronze, peach and or a dark purple.

candles in the bathtub

Add natural scented candles.

There is nothing more pleasant than walking into a bathroom only to be greeted by a warming, inviting natural scent. Nice smelling natural scents like lavender, mint and cinnamon trigger a relaxed and happy feeling in those who smell it. This is only going to add to the romantic experience felt in your bathroom.

bathrub with decorative flowers

Decorate the bathtub.

When I say decorate the bathtub, I don’t mean smother it with tinsel and decorations. But I do mean you should opt for bath bombs, romantic themed candles and naturally scented oils. The combination of these items alongside numerous other ideas you may have undoubtefly encourage a more romantic and relaxing vibe for those who experience it.

dark romantic bathroom

Be aware of the lighting.

When you picture a romantic bathroom, you don’t picture an extremely brightly lit room filled that burns your eyes just as long as they’re open. You picture a slightly lit room in which case the candles are lit and remain the biggest light source. The lighting can make a huge difference when trying to create specific vibes, so be sure to keep this in mind.

white romantic bathroom

Consider music.

If your bathroom is visually stunning, you’re gonna need it to be appealing to the ears too! Consider soft and gentle music quietly playing in the background. We all know that music makes us feel good, by playing calming and relaxing music you instil positive yet calming emotions to arise in those who hear it.

Image: BHG

candlelit bathroom

Add rose petals for bathroom romantic makeover

As cliche, as it might be, adding rose petals to your surroundings, will give off an immediate and undeniable sign of romance. This bold gesture signifies romantic intent and cannot be mistaken. The rose petals can be added to the water, window sill and any other surrounding areas if desired.

big bathtub with candles and wine

Include romantic snacks.

Yes, food can be romantic too! Food assortments can be placed near the bath, specifically in arms reach to further enhance the romantic experience. You can go with foods such as rich chocolates, fruits and even nuts if desired.

Image: redheadcandecorate

wine near bathtub

Try including some wine.

This will be an enjoyable perk for you wine-lovers out there. But regardless, nothing says romantic like drinking wine in the bath with your significant other. Not only will the alcohol mentally and physically enhance the experience but it will help any couple to further enjoy this experience. Completely disregarding any negative emotions felt earlier on in the day.

towel place in bathroom

Prepare spare and dry towels for use.

This might not necessarily sound romantic. But having accessible towels ready for when you and your partner leave the bath is crucial. It signifies care and love towards your significant other, which they will surely pick up on.

Image: french country cottage

bathroom with big window

Clean the place beforehand! 

An obvious yet crucial pointer on this list. If you’ve taken note and applied every pointer on this list in the presence of a dirty and untidy bathroom, let’s just say it will have dampened down any potential romantic feelings. Cleaning and tidying the bathroom beforehand signifies care, which your partner will certainly pick up on.

small black and white romantic bathroom with wallpaper

Image: I SPY DIY

You can have a bathroom romantic makeover quite literally at any time. By following the above steps, you will no doubt be able to create a loving and warming environment to be in for you and your partner.

Ensure that you follow every step to full instruction and don’t be afraid to add a little romance of your own accord too! Don’t limit yourself, get creative and you will find yourself living in one of the most romantic setups so far.

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