23 Fashion Designers & Their Homes

fashon designer Slexaner Wangs;s stylish home
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See how fashion’s finest decorate their homes. Be inspired by the homes of Ralph Lauren to Alexander Wang…

1. Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang’s living room is all about the pretty decorative touches, from the replacement mirror-panelled door to the button back sofa. Also take note: there’s nothing to say you can’t lay a matching rug on top of a carpet, it merely ups the luxe factor.

Via house and garden

fashion designer Calvin Klein's stylish home

2. Calvin Klein

When two designers known for their understated and minimalist beauty combine on a house it is a match made in heaven. Case in point, Calvin Klein’s Miami Beach house designed by Axel Vervoordt.

Via Vogue

fashion designers Dolce Gabbana's home

3. Dolce & Gabbana

Leopardskin chairs, gold mosaics and Naomi Campbell in the guest bedroom – it can only be Dolce & Gabbana’s seaside holiday home.


Christian Louboutin's home

4. Christian Louboutin

Globally-styled retreat of none other than sexy shoe guru, Christian Louboutin. When asked what excites him most the new place, Louboutin cites the rain, adding, “So I can hear the drops above my head.”

Via sukio

Tommy Hilfiger's Miami home

5. Tommy Hilfiger

Fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger and his wife, Dee, relax in the living room of their Miami-area home, which was decorated by Martyn Lawrence Bullard. A collaborative painting by Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat sets the chromatic tone for the room, where Vladimir Kagan sofas from Ralph Pucci International join a vintage cocktail table from JF Chen, Willy Rizzo side tables, and a Kyle Bunting rug designed by Bullard.


Tod's Creative Director Alessandra Facchinetti's home

6. Tod’s Creative Director Alessandra Facchinetti

At her new Milan abode—and in her new role at Tod’s—the designer finally feels at home.

Facchinetti, in her living room, wearing clothing from her fall collection for Tod’s; the couch is from the 1950s, and the pair of Dimore Studio coffee tables were made exclusively for her. Styled by Viviana Volpicella.

Photography byFrançois Halard

Via W magazine

Alexander McQueen's home

7. Alexander McQueen

The former seaside retreat of one of the UK’s most controversial fashion stars has gone on sale.

Five years after Alexander McQueen’s death his secret two-bedroom East Sussex hideaway has been put on the market with a guide price of £695,000.

From the outside the modest stone built granary appears a world away from the bright lights of the catwalk and the influential designer’s flamboyant public image.

But nestled down an unmade road, the centuries old property was a refuge for the star, whose private life was blighted by battles with depression, drink and drugs.

McQueen hanged himself at his main home in London’s Mayfair after taking a mix of cocaine, tranquillisers and sleeping pills, in February 2010.

Via dailymail

Diane von Furstenberg's home

8. Diane von Furstenberg

Diane Von Furstenberg’s Manhattan penthouse. The portrait is by Zhang Huan; Von Furstenberg created the leopard-spot carpeting for the Rug Company. The armchair is by Michael Graves.

Via AD

Roberto Cavalli's home

8. Roberto Cavalli

Living in the same home in Florence for 35 years, Roberto and Eva Cavalli have amassed a museum’s worth of fine art, from Renaissance showpieces to contemporary paintings. But their greatest treasure is their ever-expanding family. And that includes a menagerie of birds, dogs, and tropical fish.

Via InStyle

Donna Karan's home

9. Donna Karan

American fashion designer Donna Karan’s New York apartment serves as both spa retreat and partypad – the ultimate style sanctuary in the city.

Via heart and design

Tamara Mellon's home

10. Tamara Mellon – Jimmy Choo Founder

Tamara Mellon’s $30 million, 9000 square foot New York penthouse.

Via HP

Ralph Lauren's home

11. Ralph Lauren

The famed designer reinvigorates his Manhattan apartment with spare, all-American glamour.

The library’s wall of lacquer shelving serves as a backdrop for a custom-made sofa, armchairs, and cocktail table by Ralph Lauren Home; the binoculars are antique, the vintage floor lamps are from Wyeth, and the silk rug is by Stark Carpet.

Via Elle Decor

Jill Stuart's breathtaking New York City apartment

12. Jill Stuart

Jill Stuart’s breathtaking New York City apartment. A lively, young fashion designer lives with ace art, sleek furniture, and million-dollar views.

Those seeking tranquillity rarely look to New York City to supply it. Yet fashion designer Jill Stuart, known for flirty dresses favored by celebrities such as Kate Bosworth, Leighton Meester, and Hilary Swank, found exactly that in her serene SoHo penthouse.

Via Elle Decor

Joseph Altuzarra's home

13. Joseph Altuzarra

Joseph Altuzarra on his bedroom: “It combines 19th-century ornamentation with modern, urban rawness. . . This room is like a hidden gem in the city.”

Via Elle Decor

Carolina Herrera's home

 14. Carolina Herrera

This pistachio-and-gold dining room is a study in understated elegance—much like its graceful occupant, fashion designer Carolina Herrera.

Via Elle Decor

Tory Burch'd home

15. Tory Burch

Tory Burch transformed a sprawling Gatsby-era Southampton manor into a convivial environment fit for family living.

“Architecturally speaking, the house is set up in a formal way,” adds Hood, “but Tory wanted it to be open and inviting, so we used warm colors and comfortable furnishings. Unlike her last house, nothing says ‘seashore’—she didn’t want a summerhouse but instead one that felt right at Thanksgiving and Christmas, a house that she could come to every weekend.”

Via Vogue

Isaac Mizrahi's home

16. Isaac Mizrahi

Isaac Mizrahi’s Greenwich Village home channels the designer’s trademark flair, its airy rooms accented with a lively mix of colorful artwork and urbane antiques.

First-time visitors may be excused for assuming the place would be a blizzard of razzle-dazzle, but in fact the residence displays an understated sophistication. “I work with color and pattern all day long, but there’s a reserve to my personal taste,” Mizrahi says. “To me the essence of style, at least in terms of the apartment, is a gradual refining process.” Then he laughs and admits, “On the other hand I tell people all the time, ‘Buy what you like, trust your instinct, your impulse!’”

The kitchen features cabinetry by Bers and stools by Makr.

Via AD

Valentino's home

17. Valentino Garavani

Valentino Garavani’s asian-inspired château near paris. Valentino Garavani is Italian through and through, from his debonair manner to his elegantly rolled r’s to his suavely tailored suits. But ask the haute couturier about the biggest influences on his work and life and he will steer the conversation halfway across the globe. China, he says, enthralls him, especially its reverence for history and the beauty of its traditional craftsmanship. “When I was in Beijing for the first time, in 1993,” Valentino remembers, “I saw a collection of old Chinese costumes, and it was one of the great emotional moments of my life.”

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Tom Ford's home

18. Tom Ford

Fashion icon Tom Ford, the ardent perfectionist credited with turning around a flagging Gucci and reinvigorating Yves Saint Laurent, is, unsurprisingly, just as exacting about his residences.

By 2004, Ford’s personal property empire extended to London, where he acquired this 8,200-square-foot white house for around $9M. Not one for turn-key houses, the designer completely redesigned the interiors, turning the staid British mansion into a stylish private palace befitting one of fashion’s biggest guns. In the interim, the London property market turned red hot, fueled, in large part, by foreign cash. Seeking a big payday, Ford listed this house in 2009 for more than $70M, but failed to find a buyer before delisting. In 2012, the house finally sold, to an undisclosed buyer for an unknown sum, and Ford was soon spotted house hunting elsewhere in London.

Via curbed

Donatella Versace's home

19. Donatella Versace

The last word you would associate with Donatella Versace is soft. The Italian designer is famous for her saturated colors, sexy lines, and lots of high-gloss surfaces. But a visit to her house in Milan reveals a whole new Donatella. She has just redecorated, and the palette is full of creamy shades. “I still love strong color,” she says, “but the point was to make a change. I wanted something a little more sensual, so the colors are really soft.”

Karl Lagarfeld's home

20. Karl Lagerfield

Karl Lagerfeld says the darnest things. His quotes will make you laugh, angry, and even raise an eyebrow or two (sometimes all three at the same time). So, it’s hard not to wonder what goes on in his mind, or what kind of a life he lives. Granted we may never really understand, here’s something that may give you more insight: Lagerfeld opened up his apartment in Paris to Architectural Digest.

Via complex

Erin Fetherston's home

21. Erin Fetherston

A Modern Fairy Tale “I like everything to be a little magical, a little whimsical,” the designer says. “So I covered this Holly Hunt candlw chandelier with some vintage silk roses. The whole thing runs on electricity, but some people think they are real candles and ask if I climbed up on my table to light each one”.

Nija Munthe's home

22. Nija Munthe

Fashion designer Nija Munthe’s apartment is filled with personal touch, muted colors, black and white and gorgeous little details.

Marc Jacobs' home

23. Marc Jacobs

After putting the finishing touches to his latest collection, Marc Jacobs’ right-hand woman likes to slip into something simple but ravishing -a centuries-old village house near Versailles.

Via The Telegraph

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