10 Awesome Classic Master Bedroom Designs

Classic Master Bedroom Design

A classic bedroom is one of the most popular ways to pull a bedroom together. Just because it’s classic doesn’t mean it has to be boring or dull. In fact, by incorporating a few whimsical accents or details, you can make a calm yet interesting place to unwind at the end of each day.

If you want to create a classic or traditional bedroom and need some fresh ideas on how to design it, here are a few key tips that will help you add sophistication and a touch of glamour along the way.

Elegant Furniture

Most classic bedrooms are decorated in a simple fashion, yet universal, functional, and superbly elegant. Use stylish furniture to its full potential by adding luxurious bedding, window treatments, and pillows. If your bed has a canopy, drape or hang gorgeous fabric on it that will complement your pillows and bedding. Also, add distinctive and attractive accessories, like unique vases or colorful bottles in order to add a bit of charm and allure to your room.

In addition to elegance and sophistication, a traditional bedroom at its very core is classic. You can easily create a timeless, extravagant bedroom by combining period furniture, decor, and accents.

Rich Colors

Color can literally ‘make or break’ a room. Therefore, it’s critical that you get it right, especially in the bedroom. Regardless if you prefer neutral tones, pastels, or bold color palettes, don’t be nervous about incorporating strong color choices in a classic style bedroom.

First, pick your furniture, bedding, artwork, etc. and then select your wall colors last. It’s much easier to match the wall color to your furnishings than trying to match your furnishings to your wall color. Take your time and get plenty of paint samples. Keep in mind that the wall color should complement your furnishings rather than trying to match them ‘shade for shade.’


Classic bedrooms can range from modern to more traditional in nature depending on the elements you incorporate, such as the style of bedding, pillows, lamps, artwork, and other touches.

At its best, classic style is uncomplicated overall. A calm, relaxing bedroom serves as a sanctuary for both comfort and sleep, especially if the colors are soft and neutral. The furniture in a classic bedroom has a certain style that gives it a quaint and cozy atmosphere. By adding other unique pieces or vintage light fixtures, you can turn your space into a rustic or charming cottage style bedroom.

Do you like the classic country look? Add some old-fashioned knick-knacks, antique photos, or an attractive quilt to your bed in order to complete your country but classic style bedroom.

Although many people often use period furniture in a typical traditional style bedroom, adding trendy modern elements will give it some panache and whimsy overall.

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Hampton Hill Bennett 10-Piece Comforter Set

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Image: The Nester. Myquillyn Smith really is awesome and her book The Nesting Place: It Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect to Be Beautiful is real inspiration for real people.

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