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The Importance Of a Rug

bedroom beautiful gray rug idea

Sometimes, you walk into a room and find that there is this one flaw in design that you can’t quite put a finger on. Everything seems right, the colors are okay, and the positioning is great, the lighting is flawless and the angles are impressive, but everything feels kind of off. If you look a little harder, you will realize that the problem with such a room is that very little attention has been paid to the rug. See, any expert will tell you that a rug has a tremendous effect on space, and you can achieve the best effect if you make the right choice.

So, what are the impacts of a rug on the various elements of space?


Fine rugs are known to soften the tone of a room, helping particular colors to stand out while ensuring that they do not obliterate other aspects of design. Whether the room in question is an office, a conference facility or a residential area, the effect is always non-pretentious, sleek and inviting.


A rug has a significant impact on the texture of a space. If your rug is too bulky or extremely threadbare, then you are going to see a rough edge to your design plan, and that is a flaw you can avoid.

A luxurious feel

Your rug does not have to scream in order to stand out. Room will feel luxurious so long as you pay attention to every specific aspect of your rugs.


Fine rugs tend to create an ambience that resonates with the character of a room and the personality of the owner of such a room. They lighten up the space around you, and they make everything around them netter.

Never under-estimate the worth of a rug in any setting. Fine rugs create an innovative impression and bring to the fold an aura that stands the test of time.

Image: Interior design by Maison Market.  You can find the rug here.

beautiful beige gray rug

Loving this adorable rug! You can find it here.

beautiful beige gray rug 2

Fragmented, Oriental rug patterning in bold pastels and sophisticated neutrals–the look is reminiscent of sewn together remnants.

Pineapple House Interior Design bedroom with gray luxury rug

Luxurious bedroom by Pineapple House Interior Design with a custom hand-woven bamboo silk Tibetan area rug, fabricated through Mastour Galleries.

beautiful rug idea

Pearl Collection Heather Gray & Navy Rug

VINTAGE Moroccan Beni Ourain

VINTAGE Moroccan Beni Ourain.

 rug is the Saybrook from Ballard Designs.

Yvonne‘s rug is the Saybrook from Ballard Designs.

Vintage Beni Ourain Moroccan Rug

This authentic vintage Beni Ourain rug was hand-woven in the Moroccan Region Of Atlas Mountain. You can find this amazing rug here.

Woven Textures Rug

Woven Textures Rug by HORCOW.

ontemporary low pile and tufted rugs - Quality from BoConcept

Contemporary low pile and tufted rugs – Quality from BoConcept.

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