15 Simple Small Living Room Ideas Brimming With Style

If your living room or family room has a very boring, old-fashioned style, the last thing you and your family will want to do is spend time there.

It’s certainly very easy to change the style of any living room, especially if the living room is small.

It is also important to emphasize that the living room or family room should have a unique, fun and attractive style, because the living room is a place that should provide comfort to people.

There are many ideas and tips to make your small living room a space of leisure, comfort, even an ideal space for you to spend pleasant time with your family and friends.

Image: Martyna

Simple small living room ideas

small living room with 2 sofas and fireplace

1. Let natural light in

This is an excellent idea to make your living room look more attractive. Then, so that your living room or family room can be lit by natural light, you should not place dark curtains, remember that the objective is to allow access to natural light.

If you let natural light into your living room, you will feel the room a little bigger.

Image: Kendall Jenner’s L.A. home earth tone living room / Photo by @wabranowicz; interior design by @clementsdesign and @waldosdesigns / AD

small living room with black walls, large striped rug and leather sofa

2. Choose a large carpet

It is important that you place a large carpet in your living room, it is even recommended that the design of the carpet has a pattern a little out of the ordinary, this idea will help your room look a little bigger.



3. You should choose a dark paint color

Painting the walls with a dark color and a little bright will help to improve the comfort of the living room. Of course, it’s important that the furniture and other living room accessories have a different, eye-catching color.

Image: Manders


4. Make it multi-purpose

When you have little space in your living room, it’s important to place accessories and multi-purpose furniture, the goal being to make the most of the space.

Image: the lovely drawer


5. Take advantage of high ceilings

If your living room is small but has a high ceiling, you should make the most of that feature. You can set the curtains a little higher and put an excellent wallpaper on the wall.


6. You can also paint the wall white

In case you want your living room furniture and accessories to be the focal point of the room or a  fresh look, all you have to do is paint the wall white. White small living rooms are calm and cool.

small living room with boho Ottomans

7. Adding Ottomans

Instead of you adding the traditional tables, you can change and improve the style a little by adding ottomans. Also, Ottomans take up less space.

Image: Cynthia Harper

small living room with pink sofa and  green leaves wallpaper

8. Use low sofas

Using sofas or low seats is ideal for a small living room, plus low sofas create the visual effect of higher ceilings.


9. You should reconsider the coffee table

It is important that you place a smaller coffee table, the objective is to replace the large coffee tables.

Small tables not only take up less space, but are also easier to move from one place to another.

Image: @annawpage


10. Place artwork on the wall

Wall art is an excellent idea to create the feeling of spaciousness of the living room, and also the height of the room’s ceiling.

Image: style it pretty home


11. Incorporate lighting in an orderly manner

It is important that you place good lighting in your living room, remember that excellent lighting will help your room feel more comfortable and enjoyable.

But if your living room is small, consider placing the lighting on the walls or ceiling.

Image: fridlaa


12. Incorporate mirrors

Decorating mirrors in any room help a small room look much bigger.

Remember that you can place different types of mirrors and designs, but it is important that the mirror is a little large in size.

Image: Apogee Interiors


13. Organize your furniture well

Many people commonly place furniture against the wall or near the wall, but you should avoid doing that.

If you organize your furniture well and place it a little centrally, your living room will look a little larger.

Image: collective gen


14. Keep it cozy

If you want your living room to be ideal for spending time with your family, place the seats together, this way the living room will be a little more intimate. Browse 10 Tips For A Cozy Home.

Image: elemorlovedecor


15. Make your own media center

Generally many people like to add a television, home theater and Blu-ray. Remember that the TV takes up space, and the best option is to put the TV on the wall with the help of a TV stand. Check 10 Ways To Decorate The Wall You Hang Your TV On.

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