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10 Small Living Room With TV Ideas That We Want to Copy ASAP

Decorating a small living room with TV can be challenging. A living room needs to be multi-functional without appearing cluttered. It is essential in a small living space to streamline your furniture and efficiently use vertical space. The ten small living room decorating ideas detailed below will help you revamp your living room and keep your TV from becoming an eyesore.

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Small Living Room Ideas with TV

1 Built-in television nook

Some living rooms can be extremely narrow. Even placing the TV on the wall can make your small living room feel claustrophobic. To create more space, you can create a nook in the wall where the television can sit. Without the tv protruding from the wall, your room appears sleeker and more sophisticated.

2 Wall unit TV stand

Creating a built-in shelving unit that spans an entire wall will give you valuable storage space while taking the primary focus off the TV. It makes the television part of the overall aesthetic rather than an eyesore. Colorful works of art and curated collections on the surrounding shelves provide added visual stimulation. These objects draw the eye away from the television.

3 Corner TV

Every square foot of space is essential in a small living room. Sometimes the only space available to place your TV is in a corner. Situating the TV on an adjustable wall stand allows you to angle your TV in your small living room.

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4 Narrow stand

Small living rooms may need to serve as a place to hold your purse or keys as the home may lack a proper entrance way. Small drawers can keep things like keys and sunglasses stored out of sight. The ledge of the table works well to sit the television while keeping everything streamlined.

5 Upright TV stand

When there is not much space to put a television, you can hang it on the wall. Upright TV stands allow you more floor space and better mobility. Hide cords in the wall to produce a minimal look.

6 Dedicated media stand

Many decorating ideas for small living rooms involve hanging the TV on the wall. When you have many different media systems that need to connect to the TV, you must deal with multiple cords. Cords hanging down the wall can look unsightly. Instead, it is better to use a media stand to hide these cords.

To accommodate your media storage, you will want to make sure the rest of the furniture does not overtake the room. A smaller couch or sectional may need to appear in the room.

7 TV and computer

Consider using a desk near your television. You can hide your keyboard in the desk shelf. Keeping the desk uncluttered will help give the room a more polished look.

8 Room ambiance

Most small rooms will benefit from added lighting. If natural light is limited, you can add pot lights or lamps throughout the room. A lighter room will make a small room appear brighter. If your living room is not exclusively a television room, you may want to stick to lighter wall colors. Choosing to add more reflexive surfaces like mirrors will help reflect the light in the room.

A dedicated television room can be darker. A dark grey can give the living room a moodier vibe. If the living room is separate from the rest of the home, a darker color may work well. In contrast, open-spaced areas look better with lighter walls.

9 Add a discreet panel

A large television can easily overwhelm a small living room. You can mask the television’s appearance by placing it on a shelf with a sliding panel. Slide the door closed when not using the television and other media equipment.

10 Consider the size

A small living room needs to have proportional furniture. A large television becomes the focus of the room. A smaller TV that does not take up the bulk of one wall has a better chance of being seen as a part of the living room rather than its chief focus.

Centering a television on the wall and surrounding it with bookcases or art can help make the room more cohesive. Choosing a monochromatic color pallet for the living room helps your television blend in.

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In comparison, if you want your television to stand out, try painting the wall it hangs on in a bold color. Those whose primary living room function is to watch television may choose this option.

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