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10 Ways To Decorate The Wall You Hang Your TV On

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Many homes have let go of fireplace mantels to make room for entertainment centers. Lacking the coziness and warmth, the new gadgets often create an imbalance and lead to a dull looking space. Get inspiration from these tv wall decor ideas to make that big black box blend in with your living room in style.

Build a Gallery

Remove eye focus from the screen, speakers and satellite boxes by decorating the surroundings with a collage of photos, bright artwork and other interesting framed images. Similar-sized objects wall hangings can help project a seamless appearance where your tv belongs in one large feature wall.

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Gallery walls aren’t necessarily made up of frames. Think outside the box and use an assortment of decor to fill the area around the tv, such as lanterns, baskets, planters and knick knacks.

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Add A Rustic Touch

Craft an accent pallet wall with a whitewashed look where you can securely mount your tv. You can opt for a wood panel backdrop to hold the entire tv wall arrangement together, and have everything you mount (i.e. classic sign) or set on the floor (i.e woven baskets) fit perfectly in your rustic styled home.

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Design With Circular Shapes

Create a circular wall comprised of exquisite plates, mirrors, fabric scraps or murals in hoops. The rounded shape contrasts the rectangular devices and softens the space.

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Cover With Wallpaper

Perhaps the easiest way to decorate your TV wall is to pick a pattern and color among tons of wallpaper designs to fit your home’s interior. Treat your wall to pastel colors, contemporary marble, old-fashioned earthy tones, geometric, nautical, floral, elegant embossed designs, and the list goes on.

Use texture

Mounting your tv on a wall coated in a thin layer of concrete delivers a bold textured effect. A brick wall backdrop can add character and a cozy factor in your living room. Textural wall tiles with splashes of color are certain to make guests want to reach out and touch them, straying their focus away from the flatscreen.

Color Your Wall

Got kids in the house? Simply paint the backdrop in an attractive color. You get to design the TV wall without needing the hammer and nail.

Build A Bookshelf

Mount your TV within a bookshelf and enjoy all the space and versatility of decorating throughout the seasons. Mix in books, small potted plants and family photographs into the cubicles.

TV In Disguise

Why not frame the TV and make the big screen a decor in itself? You can hide it altogether by installing shutter doors or using several artful frames to cover the screen when you’re not binge watching.

Hang Tiered Shelves

A minimal approach is to place shelves above and below your entertainment system. Not only do tiered shelves elicit a clean space, but diminishes the impact of technology in your living space as it draws the eye on beautiful collectibles and decor on display.

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