50 White Small Living Room Ideas

As many of us now live in smaller spaces, we often opt for going for a white living room theme. However, how do you decorate a small white living room? There is an endless plethora of small white living room ideas that you can easily apply to any white living room. First of all, it is essential to appreciate that there are several shades of white. Not everything has to be pure white. Colors based on white include egg-shell, ivory, vanilla, and magnolia. But, how do you use these colors?

Creating A White Themed Living Room

Vanilla is a great color to play around with when you have decided that a white living room is for you. You only have to open up the latest IKEA catalog to appreciate that the white-loving Scandinavians know how to make the most out of the color white. Vanilla is a must in almost all-white rooms. Take a closer look at these shade of white and you will notice that it adds warmth.

An all-white living room can look “cold” very easily. When you add a vanilla-colored scatter cushions and rugs, you instantly inject some warmth into the room. Well placed vanilla table cloths or table mats also look great.

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Let There Be Light

Light is important in any white room. While you don’t want to turn your white living room into an ice cavern, a good idea is to add a focal point. Chandeliers are popular at the moment and there is an interesting range of designs available in the shops. However, if you would like to make your chandelier unique, it is easy to make your own. It is surprisingly easy to create your own chandelier and much of what you need can be purchased online.

Candles are another welcome addition to any white room. Don’t be afraid to experiment with color. Bright colors such as warm pinks and greens make the white in the room stand out. A large magnolia can add interest.

What About The Drapes?

As a white room will feel cool, you could try adding warmth by opting for sheer drapes. Don’t be afraid to opt for drapes with a little bit of color in them. Drapes with a fleck of egg-shell yellow will instantly highlight any sunlight that streams into the room. In an instant, the room will feel warmer and look brighter than it already does.

House Plants Are A Must In A White Room

We often forget that house plants add color and help to create an atmosphere in a room. Not only will they help to cheer up your white room, but house plants also clean the air. They are great living room ideas that we often forget about.

If you would like to stay with a white theme, you should go for house plants such as gardenia, cyclamen, and African violets. White cyclamen looks amazing during the Holiday season and white gardenias spread a fantastic scent in any room.

African violets flower for a long time and come in a range of both white and other pale colors. They love white and bright rooms and make a perfect addition.

Of course, there are more small white living room ideas, but at the end of the day, we all have to start somewhere.

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