10 Ways to Make the Perfect Zen Bedroom

The bedroom should be the place you go to get away from the hustle and bustle of the day, but many people find it hard to achieve this feeling. Even if you live in a peaceful house with no kids or pets running around, your bedroom can still be cluttered, chaotic, and distracting from the purpose of the room relaxation. To create the perfect zen bedroom, use these 10 tips to help you relax and get your sleep without worrying about what’s on your desk or under your bed.

Image:  Shou Sugi Ban House hotel, white-oak Kobe-style bed custom made by local artisan Scott Murphy, with organic cotton linens from Coyuchi.

10 Ways to Make the Perfect Zen Bedroom

1) Pick Your Color Scheme


Color is one of the many peaceful zen bedroom ideas and a powerful way to bring serenity into any space. It’s been shown that different colors can actually have an effect on your mood, with bright and warm hues like yellow and red helping elevate your spirits and make you feel happy. Color Scheme will help you pick out color combinations for your bedroom based on what kind of feeling you want to create. For example, if you want a peaceful bedroom, it might be best to avoid combining reds and oranges with purples or dark blues, instead, try using light pinks or yellows combined with pale blues or greens. If your goal is simply to relax in bed after a long day at work, then anything goes. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a zen-like environment in your bedroom.

Image: Livingetc

2) Use neutral patterns


Using neutral patterns in your bedroom is a great way to create a peaceful, zen-like space. Try using solid colors such as white or beige, and then add in some patterns for texture. For example, you could use light green for your walls and then add a patterned rug or throw pillow. This will help break up any potential monotony that might occur from using too many solid colors.

3) Keep Clutter Under Control


A cluttered bedroom isn’t only annoying, it’s also quite damaging to your mental health. Remember, your bedroom is supposed to be a peaceful place for you to recharge after a long day at work or school, if you can’t find peace in your own room, where can you? So if clutter is starting to take over your space, don’t hesitate to take action: Spend some time going through all of your belongings and getting rid of anything that doesn’t serve an important purpose.

4) Add fresh flowers


Adding fresh flowers can instantly create a more peaceful, relaxing atmosphere. Try setting up a vase on your nightstand or even an attractive flower arrangement on top of your dresser. Remember, on You don’t have to spend a fortune on beautiful home decor. In fact, there are many DIY projects out there that will not only save you time and money but also put a creative twist on classic ideas. For example, If you love fresh flowers but don’t want to spring for expensive bouquets from local florists, try growing your own. There are plenty of varieties that grow well indoors year-round, such as chrysanthemums, roses, and gerberas and they require very little maintenance.

5) Use low light bulbs


Lighting can make or break a bedroom. If you want your bed space to be inviting and relaxing, opt for low light bulbs; most experts suggest using 60-watt light bulbs or less. With just enough dim lighting, you can create an ambient environment without sacrificing visibility. You’ll also save money on your electricity bill by using low-watt bulbs, which last longer than higher-watt ones. For example, try installing soft yellow lights over your bedside table. Not only will they provide ample illumination for reading in bed, but they’ll also give off a warm glow that helps relax your body and mind.

Image: oheightohnine

6) Keep scented candles handy


Scents like lavender are said to promote relaxation and help clear your mind. Keep a few scented candles in your bedroom and light them up when you’re feeling stressed out or need a bit of help falling asleep. Experiment with different scents and find one (or two) that really do it for you. You can also try burning a reed diffuser with essential oils to achieve a similar effect. If you love incense, add that, too.

7) Don’t rush anything


Rushing will lead to mistakes, which leads to cluttering. As you begin your bedroom renovation, remember that it’s better to spend time on one thing and do it right than rush through everything and have nothing done right. Don’t waste your time rushing through things just because you feel like you need it done yesterday. In fact, take some more time on deciding what type of feel you want in your room – peaceful? zen? simple? And start with these zen bedroom ideas.

8) Create Cozy Nooks


Incorporate cozy nooks in your bedroom. While having a big, comfortable bed is nice, think about incorporating cozy seating areas with pillows and candles for romantic evenings with your significant other. Incorporating coziness into your bedroom will help make it feel more peaceful and relaxing. For example, you could add a comfy chair or ottoman near your bed that you can use to sit on while putting on socks or shoes. Or, if you have an extra corner of space in your room, consider adding some armchairs and couches for lounging around at night before bed.

9) Focus on Quality Over Quantity


Think of your bedroom as a place of peace, not storage space. Focus on quality over quantity by purging unwanted items from your bedroom and replacing them with high-quality pieces that you love. If you don’t use it regularly, it doesn’t belong in your bedroom. Quality pieces like a king-size bed or an upholstered headboard will last for years and can be passed down through multiple generations of family members.

10) Don’t Forget About Bedding



It’s not just your walls that affect a room’s feeling. The colors and patterns of your bedding can send different vibes. If you are looking for a Zen-like bedroom, look for subtle colors and patterns in your sheets, curtains, and pillows. This will help create an overall relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom. Also, make sure that whatever colors you choose have a soothing effect on you personally. It might take some experimenting before you find what works best for you.

As we discussed, there’s are many simple bedroom ideas. It doesn’t take much time or money and it is well worth your while. So get started now and see how you can transform your room into a luxurious haven of peace and tranquility where you can relax and rejuvenate.

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  1. Hey, thanks for the inspiration, your very first picture with the wood bed is really amazing, before the 10 ways ! would you have a reference or a website ? i’m desperatly looking for something similar

    Best regards,

  2. Hi Gregory, this is a bedroom in Shou Sugi Ban House, a Japanese inspired wellness retreat in the Hamptons. The white-oak Kobe-style bed is custom made by local artisan Scott Murphy.

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