What Are The 2022 Bathroom Trends

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The bathroom has been referred to as the most important room in the house and with good reason, as it’s where we start and end our day. For this reason, it’s become an important focus in home design and renovation, with today’s homeowners paying closer attention to style, function, and comfort than ever before. Here are some of the top trends predicted to hit bathrooms in 2022.

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2022 Bathroom Trends

Add Plants


If you want to go all out, add some indoor plants to your bathroom. Plants help purify the air and cleanse water, so they’re great for improving both your health and home decor. They also make it look like you’ve got an entire garden inside of your tiny powder room. When installing them, keep in mind that most plants need at least six hours of sunlight a day, so make sure to place them somewhere near a window or a light source.

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Bathroom Faucets

It seems that everything in your house is getting a smart makeover. Well, if you’re planning on updating your bathroom, why not go all out and get smart faucets! These advanced systems will give you notifications of leaks and water usage which makes them an excellent addition to homes with children or senior citizens. By 2022, many models will likely have remote controls for easy use from anywhere in your home.

Bathroom Lighting


In 2022, it’s all about natural light. And that means more than getting rid of moody incandescent bulbs and switching to energy-efficient LEDs. Bathrooms will have skylights, large windows, and plenty of ambient lighting. The idea is to replicate as closely as possible a real outdoor experience in a space designed for peace and solitude.

Ultra-high Flush Toilets


If you thought that Japanese toilets were high-tech, wait until you see ultra-high flush toilets. Ultra-high flush toilets use much less water than your standard toilet and have also received a lot of attention for their flushing technology. The high pressure of ultra-flush toilets has been considered a threat to low-pressure washing machines, but will likely be popular with consumers looking to conserve water in their bathrooms. Look for ultra-flush toilets in 2022!

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Compact Toilets


With our homes getting smaller and more compact, it’s no surprise that 2022 bathroom trends will be driven by making space. This means finding ways to save on space, particularly in bathrooms where every inch of floor space is a precious commodity. One way to do that is with an inventive new toilet design, one which replaces water with air jets. These innovative toilets are designed to use less than half as much water as regular toilets, meaning they can be installed in places where there isn’t much room for a full-sized lavatory.

Best bidet toilet seats


Technology has led to greater innovation in every industry, and no industry is a better example of that than our world of personal hygiene. While there were always innovations being made to better our lives in regards to cleaning ourselves, these days things have gotten even more advanced. With bidet toilet seats now available, you can achieve a superior level of cleanliness that far surpasses traditional means of cleansing yourself. But what will be the next big thing in terms of 2022 bathroom trends? Here are some areas where we may see innovation.

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If you want to transform your bathroom, these 2022 bathroom trends will give you a head start. If a pleasant ambiance is what you’re looking for, these features will help, And with small tweaks like these, you can make sure your 2022 bathroom dreams come true.

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