10 Ways To Add Elegance To Your Living Room Décor On A Budget

Do you want an elegant living room decor on a budget but are not sure that you can? While interior design can be costly, there’s no reason that it has to be. Luckily, there are still things that you can do that will add that desired elegant touch to your living room. Even if you don’t want to spend a lot. Read on to find out:

  • What objects are worth using
  • How to refresh your walls cheaply
  • Which furniture combinations are optimal

Top solutions for living room decor on a budget

Image: traditional home

new painted living room

Add a New Shade of Paint

In case you have run out of living room ideas to give your space a new lease of life, here’s the deal. If your living room needs a totally new color scheme, the best way to do it is with paint! Whether you want to warm things up with a warm shade of latte or just cool things down to neutral with off-white or a light gray. This is an affordable way to add a totally new level of elegance to your living room. The most difficult thing that you’ll have to do is decide on what color you want.

large pillows for living room decor on a budget

Cute Large Pillows

Adding a few large pillows is the perfect way to add a new touch of elegance to your decor. They can be monochrome or simply match the sofa and surroundings. Two of these won’t set you back to much and they can be sophisticated if you keep an eye out!

Image: Louise Holt

curtains in living room

New Curtains/Window Treatments

These can really make a living room feel more elegant than it did before! If you’re still rocking vertical blinds, switch out for something new– and tasteful. Whether you opt for curtains or other window treatments, it can be a relatively non-pricey way to make your living room look elegant. Stick with high quality materials for best results.

Image: Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Southeastern Showhouse

large painting on living room wall decor

Hang Up a Large Painting

A large elegant painting, when put up correctly, can do wonders for a living room! It will draw the eye and provide a nice pop of culture for guests to admire. Whether well-known or simply obscure, a solid painting is an affordable investment that is a must-have for any elegant living room.

Image: NG Collective

special chandelier in living room decor

A Nice Lighting Fixture

It doesn’t have to be a chandelier. There are enough modern art lighting pieces out there that you’ll be able to find something that is both elegant and fits into your budget while also bringing a subtle statement to the room.

gold furniture on a budget

Touches of Gold

Whether on a mirror, candlesticks or a frame, adding an accessory piece to your living room that has gold will add a touch of sophistication. It doesn’t have to be real gold, which makes this an easy budget buy to add to anyone’s list.

elegant living room

Go For Less Is More

An uncluttering of the space could be all that it takes to make your living room look elegant. Take a gander: are you doing too much when you could be doing ‘too little’? Take away some things and see if you like the revamped look.

large rug in living room decor

Lay Down the Large Rug

Instead of going to the walls, why not update the floor? A large rug is a great way to add elegance to a room. All you have to do is pick out a nice design that suits your room and you are done!

Image: Get It Together!: An Interior Designer’s Guide to Creating Your Best Life

living room moldings

Add Applied Moldings

Updating the moldings of your living room if needed is an easy way to restore luxury to the room that it was missing. This may cost more than the others, but it is worth it when you view the finished result!

Image: Vogue

antique pieces in living room

Incorporate a Distinct Heirloom/Antique Piece

From a piano to an antique chair, these can be the pieces that really add that tie-in and finishing touch that a living room needs sometimes. It’s a good reason to go antiquing and you can often find an amazing chair, sofa, lamp, or other piece that you love that adds elegance for not too much on the budget.

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