10 Ways to Create a Cozy Breakfast Nook

the most inspiring breakfast nook Image: Amira El-Gawly

Whether you prefer to relax while sipping coffee, freshen up with a smoothie, or simply sit back as you read the morning news bleary-eyed, you’d surely be looking for a comfortable and casual space. A breakfast nook is the perfect spot and you don’t necessarily have to remodel your entire kitchen to have one of your own. Here are 10 ways to create a cozy breakfast nook that can take on different purposes day or night:

round corner breakfast nook

1. Let There Be Light. Choose a spot where natural light can get in, for you to embrace the warmth of the sun first thing in the morning! At night, share an intense candlelit dinner with your partner underneath the moonlight. Place a stylish hanging lamp or light fixtures right above your nook.

bohemian chic breakfast nook with kilim rug

2. Define with a Rug. A gorgeous rug, patterned or shaggy or rounded style to match your table, can make your kitchen corner stand out. It also distinguishes the small snug dining space from the rest of the room.

Image: Amber Interior Design


brakfast nook with black chalkboard

3. Casual Setting. Add plump throw pillows on cushioned chairs. Provide a black chalkboard wall for kids and hang their framed artwork. Line the table with fun placemats, a basket of fruits of all sorts, or an assortment of flowers in full bloom.

Image: The Wood Grain Cottage


brakfast booth

4. Breakfast Booth. Incorporate a mini-room within the kitchen or adjacent space. Create a separate booth with its own shelves so everything is conveniently within reach, or set a partition wall that makes for a classy high banquet back.



elegant breakfast nook with bay windows

5. By The Window. Pick a spot by the window to enjoy the outdoor or garden view. Bay windows are ideal as functional light-filled eat-in spaces surrounded by nature.

Image: Better Homes & Gardens


white and gray breakfast nook

6. Maximize Space. Turn limited, awkward areas into a simple and efficient part of the house. Fit two chairs and square table into a corner or tuck in an L-shaped couch. Make use of a hutch dresser or those drawers underneath built-in banquettes as a breakfast nook storage for utensils, less-used linens and cookware. Large mirrors of any style or shape elicits a bigger space.

Image: luxe, Photography: Lisa Romerein


industrial breakfast nook

7. Choose Fabric Wisely. If you’ll be out shopping for furniture sets or customizing benches, use stain-resistant fabric, the outdoor type, or the quick-wipe vinyl to make your cleaning chore easier.

Image: BHG


small breakfast nook with square table and solid navy pillows

8. Design Around Built-In Pieces. Benches along walls can be partnered with a rectangular or a square table with a few chairs on the other side, while bay windows can fit curved seating matched with a round pedestal table.



timeless breakfast kitchen nook

9. Window Treatment. Drape the windows with colorful or patterned curtains for a brighter and more inviting breakfast nook. Go silky for a romantic ambiance or lacy and textured for a vintage feel. Opt for blinds or shades for control over lighting and privacy for a cozier and more comforting space.

Image: Southern Living


brekafast nook wall decor

10. Personal Touch. Pick a Theme that suits you best- preppy and quirky, minimalist, chic, nautical, black and white, color-splashed, etc., imbued with all things pleasing to your eye and makes you most comfortable. Every single piece does not have to match, but cohesive with the rest of your furniture, decor and accessories.

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