OverNight Pendant Light

OverNight Pendant Light

Is a collection of unique copper-plated stained glass lamps made by ODD MATTER for Vessel Gallery Lighting Editions.

Stained glass and copper are a traditional combination in which copper is used is to frame and set the stained glass panels. By using electro-plating instead of laborious soldering and letting the copper grow where needed a whole new method of creating the frame and shapes is explored.

First the sides of the stained glass panels are painted with a conductive paint after which the panels are taped together and immersed over night in the copper plating bath. It is during these twilight hours that the copper literally grows onto the sides to form a perfect fitting frame and hold the pieces together as one. As this process goes on freely the structure grows stronger and unpredictable surface decoration and texture appears.

From an initial ordered structure based on the crystalline formation of the actual copper solution used, these pieces take on a life of their own resulting in no two pieces ever being the same.

The Overnight lighting collection is available through Vessel gallery.

Photography by: Arne Zacher and Matthew Booth

OverNight Pendant Light 2 OverNight Pendant Light 3

OverNight Pendant Light 5 OverNight Pendant Light 6 OverNight Pendant Light 7

OverNight Pendant Light

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  1. Antri C. | Beauty Blogger & Reviewer

    OMG now we are talking! I want those lights ASAP!! xoxo

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