10 Expert Ideas For Creating The Perfect Breakfast Nook

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Having a small cozy, enjoyable, and easy-to-use space for having breakfast means having a place where you feel most inspirational and most comfortable while spending time there. That’s why the breakfast nook is the best possible place for spending mornings. To help you create it in the best possible way, we bring 10 expert tips you should definitely check. Let’s dive into this story.

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10 Expert Ideas For Creating The Perfect Breakfast Nook


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Corner Breakfast Nook

  • Perfect location – perfect breakfast

Choosing a good position for the breakfast nook is already 50% of hard work done. We recommend placing it in the corner, or in the place where you get a bunch of natural light, or utilizing the other half of the long kitchen island. Decorating a corner seems easier for many people than decorating any other place in the kitchen, and that’s why this is one of the most popular choices when creating the breakfast nook.

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  • Coziness, coziness and coziness

The perfect breakfast nook means a lot of coziness and enjoyment. This place should feel inviting and relaxing. Having a sophisticated design means a good atmosphere created by incorporating light and calm colors or combining them with good contrast ones, placing an assortment of pillows, and getting a nice texture for the wall around this place.

Image: nesting with grace

  • Choose the right style

Either is it industrial, modern, minimal, or simple symmetrical design – it is always attractive to have a dedicated design for this cozy place that shouldn’t deviate too much from the kitchen design if you do not want to. If there is a desire from you that your breakfast nook needs to look very different from the other designs in the kitchen, then it should look like what you really wanted it. The result will be two visually separated areas.

Image: Ancerl Studio / Found on: style curator

Breakfast Nook Design Ideas

  • Make something dramatic

Having a striking color combo will bring some action to the breakfast nook, or having a strange-looking light hanging from the ceiling will provide a ‘wow’ effect every time someone new sees it. Decorating the breakfast nook with a lot of little details will make this area more attractive to the eyes. We recommend getting some oriental details if that’s what you want.


  • Frame it

Framing the breakfast nook is another good idea. If you want different design in your kitchen then this is one of the best tips you should follow.

Image: Mindy Gager

  • Add plants

Many studies have shown that plants help people get more inspirative and concentrated on their tasks scheduled throughout the day. Greenery makes the breakfast nook atmosphere relaxing and comfortable which is the main reason why they should be there. Having them hanging or somewhere in the corner doesn’t matter. They combine well with everything.

Breakfast Nooks

  • Add wallpaper

Getting sleek and alluring wallpaper will provide more life to this enjoyable space. Many wallpapers are spill-proof which is perfect if you are having kids or maybe if you are clumsy. We recommend getting some in vintage style or choosing some from the popular trends nowadays.

Image: Oh Joy

  • Hang a vision board

Let’s say that you love reading motivational quotes or you want to have that cake recipe always available to you, get a nice designed vision board to hang on the wall. A vision board is a great form of motivation! This is a multipurpose thing that will help you in organizing activities throughout the day or help you to remember your goals and all important dates. Since you will spend a good amount of time in a day, these tips will be helpful.

Image: Etsy

  • Get soft curtains

For the window-placed breakfast nook get soft, airy white curtains that will elevate the visual quality of your place. This will keep you connected to the outside world, while providing privacy and protection from sunlight.

Breakfast Nook Bench

  • Add storage

The kitchen is the space where random things will accumulate over time – and this is the problem that needs to be solved. Incorporating some storage under seats in your breakfast nook will help you organize many things in the kitchen. Creating the perfect breakfast nook also includes having some extra storage for things that have no place anywhere else.


Hopefully, these tips will provide enough inspiration for you to come up with a great idea on how to build your perfect breakfast nook. The perfect breakfast nook is the area where you feel homely, restful, and enjoyable.

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