Why You Must Paint Your Bedroom Grey

When it comes to bedroom design, we decorate it based on how we want the room to make us feel. A trend that is dominant the past years is having a grey bedroom. But, is it something worth trying?

There is nothing that sets the mood of a room more than the paint on the walls. Bedroom space means many things to different people. Some need it to be an exciting room full of variance, while others want a relaxing comfortable space. Here are some reasons why you must paint your bedroom grey and their equivalent bedroom ideas.

Why consider having a grey bedroom?

Grey is a very underrated color for bedrooms. Some might think it’s boring and dull. When in fact it creates modern bedrooms! It is a versatile color and can evoke different moods based on the shade you choose. So if you want a bedroom design that differentiates from the rest, these reasons will convince you to choose grey hues!

woman in grey bedroom

1. Instant dramatic look in bedroom

Grey is the new “in” color that’s edgy and contemporary yet classic and timeless. It is that pretty little black dress you shy away from wearing in public. A grey bedroom may be exactly what you need.

The bold grey tones add a dramatic look to your bedroom. This shade is often seen in bedroom walls. However you have unlimited options to fill other parts of your bedroom with that color, like the bedding for example. This design will make the room extra chic! Try it out and you won’t regret it.

Image: Behamin
pink and grey bedroom

2. Lulls You To Sleep

Being a neutral color, gray is naturally calming. Its warmth can be compared to being wrapped in a fuzzy blanket that gently lulls you to sleep. This is actually what you would love to happen after a long day at work.

Actually, grey is perfect for starting and ending your day. Soft tones evoke a more tranquil mood, which is ideal for women. Especially if it is combined with pink shades. Add some fluffy pillows in pale colors and there you have it! A relaxing bedroom to spend some quality time in.

yellow and grey bedroom

3. It goes well with many colors

Gray is the perfect backdrop to any style you would love to achieve. You will have an easy time making your bedroom look good because grey goes well with almost all types of furniture and colors.

For example, some citron yellow furniture would be perfect to use in a grey bedroom. As you have already noticed, it’s also a color that matches greatly with hot pink. White is also a classic combination choice, as it creates an extremely soothing atmosphere. It represents clarity and transparency, two elements that you would love to have in your bedroom.

Some other furniture colors to consider are pops of purple or khaki. Black, blue and turquoise shades are equally amazing! Nevertheless these are tones for the most daring ones out there, who want more contrast in their bedrooms. If you are a beginner and still doubtful about having a grey bedroom, it’s better to start small, with milder tones like the ones mentioned earlier. One step at a time, there is no need to rush!

grey and pink bedroom

4. It’s Feng Shui approved

Here’s a fan fact you should know! Best colors for a West and a Northwest area bedroom according to Feng Shui are white and grey.

Why? Simply because the governing feng shui element of this area is Metal, and white and grey are the colors that express this element. The style you will achieve with these two colors will be mouth-opening, trust us! Starting from the bedding and its elements to even other bedroom furniture like rugs, throws and carpets.

In every nook and corner of your bedroom, there is some space for grey hues to play their part and transform your room into a massive, elegant interior!

different shades of grey in bedroom

5. Helps Achieve a Feminine Feel

Lighter, and softer shades of gray help you to achieve a more feminine feel in your bedroom. It can also help you achieve this look in her closet, especially if you have a large one.

A quick trick to try here, is to combine grey walls with grey flooring. The soothing vibe created will hav her wanting to stay in her grey bedroom all day long.

Image: Grace
moon mirror on the wall

6. Helps Achieve a Masculine Effect

Who said that grey is only for women’s bedrooms? The darker the shade, the more masculine effect it creates. And if you are a man who wants a modern bedroom, then this one’s for you.

The darker shades of grey help create a more masculine effect in the bedroom and in his closet. In this case you can throw some dark blue pillows on bed for some extra manly bedding feature that is super elegant!

Spice up the home interior with other furniture such as a moon-like mirror for mystery and some quality carpet and pendant lights of your choice. The result will be eye-catching.

gray and pink pillows

7. Grey Helps Flatter The Room’s Decor

Grey walls, especially the darker ones, flatter the rest of the room’s décor by adding some contrast. This is desirable when you would love to focus on the wall décor and not the wall.

For instance, let’s say that you want to hang your favourite pieces of art on your grey bedroom walls. To make every piece look astonishingly good without “getting lost” in all the noise of grey hues, here’s what you can do. Opt for dark shades of the color, in order to flatter the rest of the decor. The decor and design chosen in this case will be the focal points of the room, not the wall color! And this is another proof of how versatile a grey color can be.

pink white and gray colors in room

8. It’s suitable for a Modern Bedroom Look

Forget the white wall in the rest of your home. A grey bedroom will effectively break the monotony while maintaining the modern vibe.

One approach you can choose is to paint your bedroom walls with your favourite grey shade, like a dark grey tone. Then place some furniture of white and pink shades like in the photo above. This combination is amazing! Add sifferent pillows of soft materials and rugs that create a cozy look. Place candles of your favourite scents in several parts of the bedroom. And if you want, you can play it up with some lamps wrapped up in fancy designs. Also, some flowers wouldn’t hurt, they would be an excellent addition in this bedroom.

And there you have it. Just like that, with the help of grey shades you have created your very own modern bedroom.

exposed beams in ceiling

9. It Looks Great With The Right Lighting

Gray has numerous wonderful natural undertones that come to life with the right lighting. As such you can take advantage of the natural and artificial light resources to play up with the look of your bedroom. A window of your bedroom would hightlight the uniqueness of the grey shade. Of course, some pendant lights or candles can still do the trick.

neutral colors in room

10. Grey Bedroom with Great Flexibility

With hues from nearly black to nearly white, grey is more than grey. It can help you achieve the desired look and feel no matter your location, lifestyle, or personality. Overall, this color is versatile and great for those who don’t like the limitations other colors might have.

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