Best Bay Window Curtain Ideas

Bay windows enhance the attractive and luxurious appearance of most homes. You can use these unique windows for your different projects, as they fit almost all home designs. Dressing your window bays is vital to enhance the exterior and interior presentation of the house. With the numerous ideas available, you may find it daunting to choose the best way how you can accentuate your bay windows properly in your home. This article outlines the best ways to dress your bay windows.

1. Use Valances to Set the Right Tone

Valances bay windows breakfast nook

Using appropriate treatment, such as valance on the top of your glass bay windows, provides an ideal alternative to dress them. It gives an excellent approach to making use of the huge space. Experts advise that you run contemporary valance access to the bay window to enhance a more inviting and open room space. Furthermore, you can tie pillows on the windows to coordinate the fixture properly.

Image: bryant park designs 

2. Streamline using Sheers and Shades

White Bay Window Sheer Curtains

Adding any type of shades or sheers enhances the appearance of your bay window. Besides the attractiveness, pulling down these shades enhances your privacy. Remember to install these shades in the inside window casing to achieve a tidy and simple appearance when implementing this idea. Importantly, you can consider roller or roman shades from the numerous fabrics and designs.


3. Consider High Impact Solutions


High impact solutions offer the best alternative for dressing your bay windows. You can use shutters and binders as the best ways to highlight and enhance your bay windows’ visual aspect. Experts advise that you consider faux or hardwood and customize their color or design to suit your visual preferences and interests.

Image: fifi McGee

4. Beautify the Windows with Custom Drapery


Experts advise choosing drapery or layering treatments to decorate or dress your windows. Selecting the suitable commercial drapery fabric provides the best option to enhance the softness and beauty of your window casing. You can use the drapery panels alone or pair them with shades, shutters, or blinds to achieve a timeless appearance.


5. Consider Roman Shades


Roman shades offer the best alternatives to dress your bay windows. It’s a proper fixture choice that adds a contemporary appearance to your home decor. Besides being easily customizable, roman shades offer more functionality benefits as they come in different colors. Nonetheless, it’ll be wise to choose a simple design and a neutral shade to complement the windows.

6. Use Color-blocking to Create a Focal Point


An exciting color matching and blocking technique will be essential to bring an attractive design into your room. Experts advise that you pair the right roman blinds with the right curtain color to bring the extra flexibility. You can consider rust-colored bay window curtains to enhance a sleek impression with a flooring appearance and structured shape.

7. Consider Silk Panels


Silk panels are the best dressing alternatives to beautify your window space and soften the lines. When using the silk drapery or panels to dress your bays, choosing a solid color or blending with a huge band in a contrasting color will be good. Furthermore, you can mount these rods at ceiling height to enhance the window’s dramatic aesthetics.


Images: BHG


Image: Jill Shevlin Design


Bay windows are the focal point of your home’s interior living space. These interior home parts should complement your home’s designs and blend with the shades. Choosing the perfect idea to dress them will be vital to add value to your residence and improve the appearance or functionality of the house’s interior. Above are the excellent ideas you can choose for your bay windows to enhance your living space functionality and appearance.

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