Traditional Comfort With A Modern Twist

rustic house interior with a modern twist

A beautiful home reminiscent of traditional times is what this beautiful abode emanates. The home is amicable in character and design, and radiates warmth and serenity. Comfort and charm is the essence of the décor and structure throughout the home’s décor. The furnishings are universal and can easily gratify anyone’s taste. It’s timeless. It’s what anyone would expect when searching for a comfortable well designed and constructed place to rest their weary feet and lay their head.

The home was once an old barn that was renovated to its current loveliness. The restoration really worked and much of the original pavement of the house was preserved. Situated in beautiful Madrid, Spain, the exterior is attractively encrusted with shrubbery and seating for outside eating. A greenhouse is also part of the landscape. It brings a personal touch to the outside scenery. The roof is painted in a kaolin tone, an amalgamation of white with a bit of ochre that is also used on the walls creating light and cordiality.

Something else striking about the magnificent home is the ceiling design in the various rooms. The carving and exposed wood beams are unique and exquisite for such a rustic style home. In fact, the ceiling designs bring a modernistic touch to the whole décor.

The interior dining area continues the country style theme with a large wooden present in the bathroom as well. The naturalness of the décor exudes in each room. Starting from the various neutral hues and use of natural materials, to the comfortable layout of the furnishings.

Though the home has a traditional appeal, the design is in step with the modern design of many new homes today. For example, the open space concept of the kitchen, eating area, and living room is a perfect example of how many new homes are built today.

The living room has a somewhat “shabby-chic” ambiance with an armoire in the corner designed with a distressed finish and complemented by a white cushiony sofa that really sets the mood for a welcoming mellow vibe.

The bathroom has beautiful fixtures and an intriguing mixture of neutral tones with strong materials. It is the type of bathroom you can easily spend the day in as you would a spa. The entire residence is designed with relaxation and calmness in mind. It’s the type of home where one can feel completely comfortable as if each piece of furnishing, fixture, and choice of hue, was specifically selected for them. It’s a delicate and intimate home. It’s what one would call a “natural beauty.”

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