The New Modern Classic Interior Design

Today’s post is here to highlight the work O’Hara’s modern classic interior design style. Why? Because interior design is as much an art form as painting, drawing, or crafting, and frankly, the designers at O’Hara Interiors are virtuosos in the interior design world. Want to find out what makes them so special? Stick around for today’s post as we explore their unique interior design style.

The New Modern Classic

navy blue kitchen cabinets with light wood island and brown leather stools

To say that O’Hara Interiors is ‘new’ isn’t strictly true. We don’t mean they’re a new interior design firm, because they’re already well established and are working with clients throughout the US and around the world. But they are the new modern classic of interior design because of their designers’ seamless way of blending old and new, monochrome and color, and most important of all, style and comfort.


White, clean pantry room.


Take a look at their portfolio and you’ll see some loose threads that show them to be a signature O’Hara Interiors design. There’s no way you could say any of the pictures are the same. Neutral walls seem to be staple (a design trend that’s as big now as it ever was and ever will be), and the ise of color is so delicately in some of their work that it’s almost not noticeable at first glance. But then that’s the beauty of O’Hara Interiors…

Every Room Is An Exploration

Look at any of their work once and you’ll be impressed. Look again, though, and you’ll find even more to love. That’s because the designers create spaces that are not just beautiful at first glance, but a genuine joy to explore. Sure, you might like the simple white kitchen at first, but it isn’t until you look again that you notice the way the soft rug picks up colors from the wooden floor beneath, and the accessories in the kitchen, tying together a space in a way that screams cohesiveness, in the most subtle way possible.

Because ultimately, that’s the thing about O’Hara Interiors. They don’t do bells and whistles, in your face, loud interior design. Even their more colorful work is handled like masters, delicately balancing the large pops of color with subtle furnishings, natural materials, and soft curves mixed with straight lines. They don’t need to distract from a space with bold interior design. They have an uncanny ability to balance every aspect of interior design subtly. And that’s why they’re masters at what they do.

Next Steps

We could talk all day about how the designers at O’Hara Interiors transform spaces in a way that both respects the original space and the wishes of the clients they work for. We could scream from the rooftops about how their use of color is a stroke of genius. Basically, we could go on and on. But we won’t. Instead, we’ll invite you to head to their website to check out their work. If you love it, you can always get in contact with them about transforming a space in your home. And if nothing else, exploring their work will keep you entertained for hours, just like it did for us!

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