The LEGO Dream Home

The LEGO Dream Home

You have probably heard of LEGO, the small toy bricks with two to eight studs protruding from the surface. These bricks can be linked in a vast number of ways creating much joy and entertainment for children and grownups alike. Nonetheless, it’s rare to see these wonderful blocks used as furniture pieces! Yet, this interestingly designed dwelling has done just that.

The LEGO name is contrived from two-letters of the Danish words “LEG GODT,” which means “play well.” By the looks of this multi-hued home, that’s exactly what they plan to do, play well! The Lego theme has become a practical part of the décor in this modern home, creating a stylish, yet fun setting. It’s the epitome of artistic sensitivities coupled with useful elements combined to create a beautiful space filled with love and mutuality.

Though authentic LEGO pieces can be assembled and taken apart at will to create other objects, it’s not so when it comes to furnishing a residence. Sure, you can remodel a home, but in most instances, installations are in place for years not for a week or two!

The distinctive arrangement of this home by HAO design studio is built around a play island that furnishes an area for youngsters in the family to get together for fun and activity. The lapis-lazuli blue round sitting couch is a wonderful place for interacting. A circle allows each person to observe who’s grabbing the attention at any given moment. It creates a real connection with each individual in the room.

Upon further observance, you find that the setting is designed to resemble a swimming pool. The theme becomes even clearer with the metallic handrails added to the layout. The steel grey suspended lamp above the sitting area adds a bit of sneaky-chic glamour to the overall décor.

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Leading up to the activity room are two great LEGO designed steps. Designed in an egg-yolk orange shade, the steps link the recreational area with a kitchen filled with candy hued colors and smooth glossy textures. The orange kitchen cabinets complement the stark grey concrete floor and backsplash. The marble table is accompanied by brilliantly colored chairs constructed in comfortable casual designs and vivid colored LEGO bricks used as legs.

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Underneath the elevated recreation area is a brightly hued storage area designed in the form of LEGO blocks. The green LEGO wall is filled with multi-colored framed photos and other objects designed from the popular building blocks. The LEGO theme continues into the brightly hued bedrooms with numerous blocks used as bedside tables, stools, and accent pieces.

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What a marvelous way to decorate a home. Not only does it represent liveliness and positivity, it reveals what can be accomplished if we take time to add more play and enjoyment to our lives!

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