The Feng Shui Colors To Create A Happy Home

Feng Shui Colors To Create A Happy Home

Shifting the energy in your home and generally creating a happier environment is easy to do by using feng shui, The use of color in your living space is vital in creating the atmosphere that you want. With colors all around, you respond to them in different ways on a daily basis without even realising! In terms of feng shui colors for home, different ones creates various energy in your home so let’s take a deeper look at this.

The best feng shui colors to use in your home
yellow Feng Shui Colors To Create A Happy Home
Yellow – The brightest color of the rainbow signifying sun, nourishment and happiness – yellow would make a positive addition to your environment. There are many different yellow shades that you can go for and all of them bring a cosy and welcoming feng shui energy into your home.
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red Feng Shui Colors To Create A Happy Home
Red – In Chinese culture, red is the color of luck, happiness, excitement and not forgetting romance of course. Deep red walls or even some red cushions on your sofa would bring good vibes into your home and even help to ignite a little passion if this is what you are going for.
orange Feng Shui Colors To Create A Happy Home
Orange – Many people find red too intimidating for their home and orange is a nice alternative to consider. If you want good times with your family/friends, orange can provide this because it’s actually known to be a very social color. It’s also very warming and is well worth considering as one of the top feng shui colors for home.
Banana Leaf Removable Wallpaper
Green – A beautiful color that signifies renewal and a fresh start in general. Green is actually said to be a good feng shui color for healing, so it can in fact improve your health! You should maximize this energy by having several different shades of green throughout your home.
white Feng Shui Colors To Create A Happy Home
White – Simple and subtle but white can do so much for the general atmosphere in your surroundings. While white is pure and does bring a sense of calm, inject some pops of color in your home if you want to make it as feng shui as possible. Think of white as the base, you can play around with the other colors to get your home exactly as you want it to be.
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Feng Shui Colors To Create A Happy Home 2
Blue – One of the best feng shui colors, blue, has lots if properties that makes it stand out. Blue generally signifies success and the wide range of blue shades out there means you can really explore your options. Using blue in the east of your home is said to promote good health, using it in the southeast attracts money and using blue in the north is good for your career!
Who would have thought that all these different colors can bring such different vibes and even attract different things in your direction? Feng shui is really important so really consider the type of energy you want to attract to your home before you decorate and decide what color scheme to go for. In addition to what has been mentioned so far – grey, purple and pink colors are also known to be very good feng shui colors for home.

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