The Decor Trends Spring/Summer 2022: Everything You Need To Know

We already know that decor trends change as often as the seasons do, and that’s understandable. Tastes change, fashions move on, and ultimately everybody likes to give their homes a facelift every once in a while. Basically, knowing what’s hot and what’s not is important to all of us. But what spring home decor should you look out for this year? And what exactly are the summer 2022 home decor trends? Well, stay tuned for today’s post and you’ll have all the answers you need to those questions, as we cover the decor trends of spring/summer 2022 together!


Let’s kick things off with spring’s home decor trends, since it’ll be here before you know it. Before we get into the details, let us just remind everyone that the expected trends in home decor for spring and summer 2022 are basically a pandemic hangover. We got bored with loud colors when we were locked down in our houses – the whole world did – and we wanted calm, neutral, and natural. Much of this remains for the first part of 2022.

Image: ZARA HOME Spring Collection 2022

Images: Anthropology Home Spring 2022 Collection

1. Color Palettes

So, let’s take a look at color palettes. Bold and bright are out, and cool and calm are in. But that doesn’t mean you have to stick to the usual beiges, whites, and grays (although there’s no denying that these are going to be huge, especially for large blocks of color, such as a painted wall, for example).

You can still have pops of color and still be right on trend, but just think about the colors you’re using. A bold red is loud, and sure, it can wake up a sleepy space you’re bored with, but give it 2 weeks and you might just be sick of the sight of it. Instead, think about muted colors. You know, pale blues, baby pinks, soft yellows. Think of calming colors, and you’ll nail the color palette for spring 2022.

Images: H&M HOME Spring Collection 2022

2. Rounded Shapes


It usually follows that when bold colors are out, so too are bold shapes. Anything too geometric for spring 2022 might be a little much for the home decor trends that are coming. Feminine, soft curves are set to be HUGE in furniture for spring this year, so if you’re redecorating a whole room from scratch, look for things like rounded beds and sofas for a statement piece that isn’t rough around the edges.

But if you just want to add a touch of the spring trends to your home without a complete redecoration, something as simple as rounded cushions on your sofas and beds might be all you need to keep up with the trends. Even a few decorations around the room will be fine. Purchasing a globe for your office, for example, might not seem like much, but it can make your stressful home office smooth out some of its creases pretty well.

Images: Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Spring 2022 Collection

3. Partitioning/Separating Spaces


Let’s say this louder for the people at the back. SEPARATING YOUR SPACES IS KEY! This is something we learned during the pandemic, but it still rings true now. Not everybody has a home with a room for everything. Sometimes we have kitchen/diners and offices/living spaces all thrown in together. And that’s fine – you don’t need a two-storey extension to fix it. Just break up the space where you can.

For example, moving a corner sofa so everybody faces away from the home office behind and towards a central living hub is enough to create that separation. Nobody likes to feel like they’re trapped in place, so by moving furniture or using large indoor plants or screens or whatever you can to create separate spaces within rooms, you can really increase your comfort and feeling of freedom. And we sure need it after the years we’ve just had…

Image: IKEA

4. Outdoors In

As is the case most seasons now, bringing the outdoors in is key. Plants are huge. Not only do they look and smell great, but they actually directly affect the quality of the air we breathe and some studies suggest they improve mental health. They’re that powerful. This is a global trend that never seems to fall out of fashion with such a focus on climate nowadays, so expect this to be big in home decor this spring.

Images: Target Just Studio McGee’s Spring 2022 Collection


Still, you’ll want indoor plants that match the color palette. Soft colors with calming properties are what you’ll want to look out for from your plants too. That way, the space doesn’t become bogged down by large plants with tall, dark green, leathery leaves.

Image: IKEA


Now that springs covered, let’s move on to summer’s home decor trends this year! Thankfully, most people in the interior design business believe the trends will remain much the same from spring, but there are some key differences.

1. Jungle Greens


The soft, pastel colors from spring are still expected to be huge in summer 2022, so don’t go replacing those cushions on your sofa just yet. But as the heat arrives, and the sun starts beating down hard again, attention turns to slightly more natural colors. That’s to say, colors you can find in nature. Sure, the lilacs and baby pinks are still fine, but something bolder might be in order.

Yes, we’re talking about jungle greens. Dark greens, light greens, mossy greens, and pine greens are all set to be huge. That’s because when summer comes around, we spend so much more time outdoors, and that trend of bringing the outdoors in becomes even more prevalent. So, buy plants to match this jungle green vibe. These greens don’t have to clash with spring’s colors. In fact, they’ll work quite well together if you give it a try.

2. Wellness


Wellness should be our top priority year-round, but we all know we focus on ourselves, our wellbeing, and our lives a little more closely when summer rolls around. So creating wellness spaces, even in the urban jungles some of you may live in, becomes incredibly important for home decor trends in summer 2022.

You’ll need to think about a room in the house that can become almost spa like in the minimalistic approach you’ll need to take with it. It’s all about stripping back the clutter and returning back to basics. From there, you can build again for the fall, but for now, you need a space that allows you to focus on you and your wellness. Sure, it’s another pandemic hangover, but one that can do us all some good!

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3. Natural Textures

And finally, natural textures. These woods, jutes, limestones, and rattans are all going to be huge for summer 2022, because natural and calming is going to be so big this year, never mind for these two seasons. And frankly, there’s something quite relaxing about returning to basic textures and materials and getting rid of the complex.

Even if you simply buy a new rattan chair for the living room, or replace an old dining set with handwoven chairs and a wooden table. You don’t need to make big statements with your natural textures, but a few more in your rooms will make for a much more calming environment for you, your family, and your guests.


Breaking It Down…

Ultimately, both spring and summer 2022 are all about keeping things calm. Calm colors, calm shapes, calm textures – even keeping yourself calm. The trends are all to do with removing stress from your life and focussing on the things that truly matter. And after the past few years, it’s clear to see why these things are so important to many of us as we move into spring and summer 2022.

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