66 Gray Kitchen Design Ideas

gray kitchen cabinets with pastel colors


One of the most popular trends in kitchen design these days is a gray kitchen. These grey kitchen ideas below share a common feature. They’re versatile options that can look modern or classic, contemporary or traditional. Below are some important considerations to assist you in determining whether this new hot look is right for you. Photos of grey kitchens filled with decor ideas and special designs you will most likely love. Check out for more. 

Is a gray kitchen the one you’ve been looking for?

For people who are searching for ways to renew their kitchen, it is a tough decision. The alternatives are so many, that anyone could be overwhelmed. Even the most experienced ones and those who love decoration. To help you tackle this, we have some amazing grey kitchen ideas for you. There are many suggestions of a gray kitchen out there, but are they all good? Probably not.

Gray can come in many shades for any room. Let’s see some grey kitchen ideas and options for you!


Dark or Light

The hue you pick for your gray kitchen depends on the space you’re working with and your personal preference. If your kitchen has limited natural light or is small in size, a dark gray color will make it feel darker and smaller. Deep, saturated hues absorb light and light gray shades reflect light back into the room and as a result amplify the brightness of the space.


Cool or Warm

Although gray may at times appear to be a straightforward color, it’s actually deeply influenced by blues, reds and yellows. The influencing undertone or hue can make the gray color appear warmer or cooler. For instance, a gray with a red-undertone will be a putty tone and a gray with a blue undertone will be a steely-shade. If you want to understand how the gray shades will work in your space, you should tape paint chips of a few gray shades to your wall. Then, examine and compare them throughout the day.


Painted or Stained Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Painted cabinets offer an even crisp coloration, and can be easily wiped down. Stained cabinets have a visual texture which highlights the wood underneath. With a proper protective coating, a kitchen with gray cabinets can also be easily cleaned.


Color Combinations for grey kitchens

Countertop Colors

Virtually all kitchen countertops color look good with gray kitchen walls and cabinets. You have limitless options due to the fact that gray works well as a neutral hue similar to tan, white and brown. You can also pick a bright countertop color, like aqua. Or choose a sophisticated monochromatic-look using stainless steel or slate. Natural stone, such as marble and granite, is one of the popular complements to the gray kitchens. Why? Because there are often gray flecks or veining in the stone.


A Mix of Colors

Another popular trend in the design of grey kitchens is combining 2 colors in the same space. This goes far beyond grey kitchen ideas but is still worth it. In fact, it works perfectly when gray is one of the colors. This is due to the fact that gray is a neutral shade; hence it pairs well with nearly all colors and complements all hues. For example you can stick to similar intensities and shades, such as dove gray and butter yellow, for a cohesive look.


Gray And White Kitchen

Choose a white and gray color scheme for a contemporary kitchen design. Gray kitchen cabinets look appealing with stainless-steel appliances because the gray tones create unity and harmony in the space. You can warm up your kitchen with antique-white or linen walls. Soft white helps the gray kitchen cabinets stand out as the main attraction in the room and also offer subtle warmth. Wanna see more? Then check out these gray and white kitchen ideas with more details on that style in our blog article. 

However, don’t hesitate to see what other combinations are available for your lovely kitchen. You will be amazed!

So, without further ado let’s see how grey can be used in your kitchen

Image: el mueble


grey cabinets and white room separator

special lighting above a table and a big clock on the wall grey walls and surfaces

Picture: Maisons Cote’ Sud – Photography by Nicolas Matheus found on Aesthetically Thinking

marble stand with seats and grey walls light grey cabinets and a special chandelier

Image: BHG

marble surfaces and grey cabinets gray kitchen design idea 8


Idea: our vintage home love

cabinets with glass and drawers in grey

Image: House & Home

gray kitchen design idea 10 gray kitchen design idea 11



gray kitchen design idea 12


gray kitchen design idea 38 gray kitchen design idea 37

Images: Baden Baden


gray kitchen design idea 33


gray kitchen design idea 13

Picture: Lonny, photography by BRITTANY AMBRIDGE

gray kitchen design idea 14



gray kitchen design idea 16 gray kitchen design idea 15


gray kitchen design idea 17

Image: Southern Living

gray kitchen design idea 18


Photo: Caldwell Flake

gray kitchen design idea 20 a dog in kitchen



gray kitchen design idea 21

Idea: Martha Stewart

gray kitchen design idea 22

Image: NYC & G

gray kitchen design idea 23

Picture: Lonny 

big fridge and grey cabinets

gray kitchen design idea 25

Images: jenasuedesign

gray kitchen design idea 26

Photo: Carla Aston

cupboards and shelves colored in a grey shade

Image: woonstijl

white and grey decor

Idea: Remodelista

gray kitchen design idea 30

gray kitchen design idea 29

gray kitchen design idea 31

Images: Talbot Cooley

culinary stuff and wooden table

Photography: desire to inspire

gray kitchen design idea 34


dark grey drawers

Picture: Design Sponge

dark grey kitchen idea and cabinets

Image: Traditional Home

white details in home decor


gray kitchen design idea 40 gray kitchen design idea 41 gray kitchen design idea 42 gray kitchen design idea 43


Ideas: braam’s custom cabinets

gray kitchen design idea 45

Gorgeous dark gray kitchen designed by the talented Atlanta based kitchen and bath designer  Laurie Lehrich.

Image: Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles magazine

gray kitchen design idea 46 gray kitchen design idea 47 grey kitchen idea with marble surface gray-kitchen-design-idea-50

Images: Holloways of Ludlow

gray kitchen design idea 51

IKEA kitchen

gray kitchen design idea 50


gray kitchen design idea 53

Photo: Dear Lillie

gray kitchen design idea 60 gray kitchen design idea 59

gray kitchen design idea 55 light grey kitchen idea

light grey cabinets with glass gray kitchen design idea 56 gray kitchen design idea 57


dark grey cabinets and a yellow striped carpet

gray kitchen design idea 62

dark grey cabinets

Picture: Domaine

shelves for storing dishes and cups

Image:  Farrow and Ball 

gray kitchen design idea 66

Idea: flourish design and style

gray kitchen design idea 67

Image: Habersham Home

gray kitchen design idea 68

gray kitchen design idea 71 gray kitchen design idea 69 gray kitchen design idea 70

grey kitchen idea with white cabinets

Images: Sarah Richardson


Idea: Bria Hammel

grey cabinets with white wall

Image: castorama

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    My cabinets are grey my counter tops is brick color my floor is hardwood grey/black what do color should i do the walla n trim

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    As a custom home builder we see the demand of grey as dominant color of their home, and i agree that the room appear smaller however combining it with blue and white appear cool and relaxing colors/

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