The Best Living Room Decorating Ideas Under Windows

Are you looking for living room ideas for windows? Decorating under your windows can add a lot to a space and can be personalized to be the way that you want it. Read on to discover some interior design ideas you can incorporate into your own home!

Image: nesting with grace

Living room decorating ideas under windows

A Window Bench

grey Window Bench with black wall sconce light

Firstly, a window bench is the perfect way to feature your window. It can be in any color and cloth, but will provide a wonderful opportunity to sit and look out the window or flip through a magazine or book. You can even find benches that offer additional storage options for you, making it a space saver as well as a feature of the room. Bring an air of comfort and relaxation to the room by incorporating the window bench of your choice.

Image: Studio MC Gee

Plant Shelves or Tables

rustic reclaimed wood shelf with indoor plants under window

Secondly, using a layered shelf or even a simple table. This is one of the coolest ways to brighten up a spot under the windows! They naturally need sunlight, so placing your green potted things in a location where they’ll get sun only makes sense. Moreover you can move a table that you already have there. Having a few of your great potted plants under the window will look great no matter what variety they are.

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Image: Sunset

A Large Potted Plant

In the other hand, you can opt for a single statement plant. There are plenty of larger plants that love the full sun they’ll get from being by the window. It looks elegant and clean. An Elephant Ear plant is a popular choice it’s look luscious and exotic and it’s easy to care for.

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A Console Table

dark and gold console table under window

Furthermore, one of the best decorating ideas you can implement under windows is a console table. There are a lot of great consoles out there to choose from. Plus they make the ideal place to display photos of families and friends. A few framed items and a curated small set of books or souvenirs picked up while traveling or items of importance can be displayed here elegantly.

Image: Jennifer Barron Interiors

A Low Bookshelf

Low Bookshelf under window

Why not place a small low bookshelf under a window? They’re easily accessible and encourage reading in a light-filled room. Moreover, this is a great concept for book lovers. The length and size of the bookshelf is also up to you.

A Cozy Sofa or Armchairs

armchairs and table under window

Likewise to the window bench, this is an easy way to add some decor to the space and take advantage of those windows. It’s the perfect place to curl up and nap or read a book and it’s simple to add a sofa or armchairs you love into the mix and see how you like it.

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Under Window Storage

Under Window Storage

Add in some window shelves and you’ve got space to store things and display them too. For instance, you can fill the shelves with anything from books to wicker baskets that hide contents away. Moreover, add some plants, photos, even a globe on top and it’s the perfect combination of functional and stylish.



In conclusion, there are so many things that you can do to add a touch of decoration under your windows. They’re a great place to feature whatever you like, so you can indulge your desire to have a verdant plant soaking up the sunlight, storing things, creating a cozy reading spot, display photos, and more. Above all, think about your personal style and see where inspiration takes you!

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