15 Ideas for a Sitting Bench Under a Window

Window benches create a cozy vignette in the room! They combine comfort and relaxation along with great decor. Mainly because a bay window is a natural spot for a window seat as well. An under window bench provides both extra storage and a place to sit, relax, read a book and look out. Interested in such designs? Take a look at these amazing decorating ideas! You can implement these designs in your own bedroom, living room or anywhere you wish!

Suggestions for an under window bench

1. Bedroom storage bench

No room is too small! A window bench in the bedroom can transform the room entirely regardless of its size while providing valuable storage space. Use curtains, soft cushions, throws or even a headboard to add a sense of luxury.

white bench in a sitting room

2. Rustic wooden bench

Using a corner space in the kitchen or dining room is a popular choice. It adds space and creates the ideal breakfast nook. A wooden bench, custom-made or vintage, is perfectly matched with soft fabrics like cotton and linen in bold patterns. Why not try florals, stripes or even a tartan motif?

wooden furniture in a living room

a room with white walls

3. Playroom bench and storage

One of the most lively and cluttered rooms in any home, the playroom can be transformed by the addition of a window bench. It’s a functional solution, providing additional storage, and also creating a cozy spot for the whole family to spend quality time together. Topped with pillows for comfort, it adds personality and creates more space for the children to make most of their room.

red and white stools

minimal and simple decor near the door

gray bedroom with pink curtains

Light Blue Sitting Bench Under a Window

Beautiful Total White Sitting Bench Under a Window

4. Living room seating

A window bench is a great addition to a living room or family room. It can easily blend into the background when not in use but also provide additional seating for a game night or after a dinner party with friends. If the space allows it, a spacious window bench that spans the length of the living room’s wall can be the ideal spot for the family chats and activities.

Amazing Living Room Idea With a Sitting Bench Under a Window

Colorful Idea for a Sitting Bench Under a Window

5. Reading nook

Make the most of a nice view, with a peaceful reading nook by the window. A warm hanging right above acts as extra reading light. You can create a reading corner by simply using a chaise lounge chair or even a wooden storage box with some pillows pushed against the window. Add a side table to create some more space for a cup of tea or coffee.

Reading nook Idea for a Sitting Bench Under a Window

6. Hidden corner

Are you looking for a quiet, hidden spot so you can enjoy a glass of wine in the evening after a busy day? All it takes is a couple of blankets and some pillows, to transform a hidden corner into your own peaceful sanctuary. Top it with a comfy daybed cushion and a fluffy blanket.

Ideas for a Relaxing Sitting Bench Under a Window

7. Cozy coffee spot

A window with a nice view facing the morning sun is the best opportunity to create your own personal coffee spot. Keep it clean and simple or add some space for flowers and plants and a small surface for your tablet, magazine or morning newspaper.

Wooden Sitting Bench Under a Window

8. Do it yourself!

Be creative and try some DIY. Remember that you don’t need to have custom-made furniture or invest in built-in options to have a stylish window seat or bench.

Ideas for a Sitting Bench Under a Window with beautiful colors

I found this idea for a DIY bench on IKEA Hackers. This is a bench by Charles Crawford, made from the ubiquitous “Lack” coffee table.

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