The 7 Most Stylish Home Office Decor Ideas

n recent times working from home has become a dominant trend worldwide. Due to this context it is essential to adapt our home to this new work reality. An aesthetically decorated home for work makes that space functional, efficient and pleasant to do our work tasks.

Here are 7 home office decor ideas.

Home office decor ideas

1 Neutral colors


Neutral colors should predominate in the room where you are going to work. This applies to the walls, furniture and other objects in the room. Neutral colors are beige, white and pastel shades. These colors convey peace and tranquility, which favors concentration at work.

2 Ideal lighting

To work from home it is convenient that you choose a room with a large window so that you can make the most of natural light. This will make sure that your room is well lit and will prevent the constant use of monitors from damaging your eyesight. If you don’t have a large window, simply choose powerful lights.


3 Nice items


Your workspace should have the basic materials that you are going to use all the time like your notebook, pens, writing pads, scissors, etc. However, it is also important that you add cute items like your favorite mug, a vase with flowers, a teddy bear, etc. These small details will make your workday more pleasant.

Image: Paloma Contreras Interior Design

4 Blackboard Wall


Making a single change inside the room where you work can make it look completely different. Create a wall as a blackboard and your home office will look renovated and extremely functional. You can hang whatever you want on the blackboard, as well as write anything you can think of.

Image: IKEA

5 Plants


It is essential that your home office is decorated with plants. This element of nature provides a constant flow of positive energy, which favors any cognitive process. The most suitable plants are ferns, bromeliads, devil’s ivy and ficus benjamina.

Image: Emily Henderson

6 Transform your closet


The closet is a perfect piece of furniture to place all the elements related to your work. Remove the closet doors so you have everything you need to work in plain sight. Use the shelves and drawers to store important work documents.

Image: AD

7 Your personal touch


One of the most important home office decor ideas is the application of your personal touch to this new space. Decorate your home office with your photographs, souvenirs and objects that are important to you. This detail will relax your mind, without distracting you from your work.

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