Styling Open Kitchen Shelves: Give Your Kitchen a Café Vibe

kitchen open shelves styling

Why not bring a café bar style into your kitchen? Recreate this café’s feel at home by using similar objects for your kitchen.

kitchen open shelves styling shopping guide

1. Gilded Barn White Porcelain Pineapple, $36.00

2. Unic Hiball Glass by Global Amici, $25.99 for set of 6 items

3. Bormioli Rocco Aquaria Bedside Carafe with Tumbler, $15.00

4. Glass Grinder with Peppercorns by Kamenstein, $12.99

5. Glass Grinder with Salt by Kamenstein, $16.99

6. Stainless Steel Shaker,$19.99.

7. Vintage Copper Kettle, $18.00

8. 4 Piece Storage Canister Set, $16.25

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