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Townhouse In Traditional Avant-Garde Decor

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Townhouses are elegant, deluxe homes that usually have two or more floors. These homes can be found in many locations, but they are frequently found in urban settings. In the beginning, townhouses were part of a group of terraced houses that shared walls with other domiciles built in the same architectural style. Members of the elite frequently occupied these homes in Europe. Therefore, maintaining a “house in town” in various municipalities usually meant owning more than one home that were mainly visited during certain times of the year.

Like the townhouses of yore, this townhouse by the UNIONWORKS and BWArchitects, is fashioned with architectural features like the multi-paned window, the winding staircase, and deep blue accent wall. However, the décor of this home is filled with various modernistic affects. Each accent rug has a distinctive design granting each room an avant-garde ambiance. High ceilings and walls are adorned with daring artwork, rococo framed mirror, and fanciful chandelier.

There is a hint of Asian flair in the interior design as well. If you observe the fabulous accent pieces throughout the residence you will find objects such as the hassock designed from oriental styled fabric, an ornate gold trimmed storage chest, and the flowering tree blossoms. The mix of eastern and western influences are flawlessly combined.

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The kitchen area is totally rustic with exposed beams an egg shelled colored long-tiled backsplash, and a sleek black gas stove for serious cooking. The setting is homey and designed for wholesome meals. You can envision hearty meals like beef stew, baked potatoes, and green salad, with handmade sweet treats being served from this beautiful traditional setting.

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The bedroom has an all-out classic theme. Simple touches like a straightforward nightstand, natural fiber curtains and bed linen, and warm soft accent rug makes the bedroom cozy and tranquil. The bathroom continues the classic ambiance with a bear-clawed bathtub and marble sink with wood shelving underneath. The mirrored globe light suspended from the ceiling is a contrast to the other décor accents in the space; however, it gels perfectly and adds the right amount of verve.

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Other parts of the townhouse continue the scheme of tradition, elegance, and avant garde niches. The multi-paned window concept is used as a ceiling, a nook in the home includes a neon sign that resembles a New York City diner, and hints of bold colors and patterns can be seen throughout the space. Utility wise, this townhouse has everything one would need to making living comfortable, practical, and totally functional. It’s a tribute to traditional taste and sophistication tinged with modernistic overtones. It’s a real gem!

Photographs: Ngoc Ninh Ngo

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