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A Small Taste Of Elegance

small gray scandinavian apartment

asually furnished homes emit the most warmth and coziness. Add to the mix a bit of chicness and modernity, and you have a home that is inspiring and full of distinctive layers that create personality. That’s exactly what this studio apartment emits, personality. This home has charisma and charm. It’s laid-back, easy going, and inviting.

Another component that produce comfortable settings are books. The living room area has an organized yet jumbled book shelf that settles in the décor beautifully . Small plants in clay pots add to the overall mellow ambiance.

A long iron-gray hued sofa with decorative accent pillows enhance the area. Throws of differing patterns including a fluffy rug textured piece generates a convivial mood. Light wall art and transparent suspended lighting creates an artistic flair.

Neutral tones permeate the space together with natural parquet hardwood flooring, pale gray walls, and large windows that permit natural lighting to radiate throughout the room and simultaneously expanding the space.

small gray scandinavian apartment 2 small gray scandinavian apartment 3

A small dining area modestly divides the space. Metal chairs and oval table produce a contemporary feel but remains in sync with the rest of the décor. Off from the dining area is an unpretentious kitchen. Small, practical, and functional, this kitchen area is compact with all the essentials. White walls and appliances add dimension to the narrow space. Storage space is ample and the small window provides natural light. It’s a lovely kitchen space that is functional with a good layout.

small gray scandinavian apartment 4

The small sleeping area fits wonderfully with the space. Privacy is assured with a nicely hanging black-out curtain to diffuse light. This concept also comes in handy when guests visit as it can hide the private sleeping area. It’s a cozy, comfy spot that is hidden, yet distinguishable. It’s certainly well designed. Bed linens are a natural fiber along with matching accent pillows. The rich pewter accent wall is a unique contrast to the bright walls. It’s a cute alcove that’s comfortable and fits perfectly with the look of the apartment.

small gray scandinavian apartment 5 small gray scandinavian apartment 6 small gray scandinavian apartment 7 small gray scandinavian apartment 8 small gray scandinavian apartment 9 small gray scandinavian apartment 10

The touch of bright colors in the sleeping space add an oriental twist. The beautifully double-sided hued throw is not implicitly oriental, yet there is something about the overall texture and design that gives it that special Asian flair. The colors are a surprising mix combined with the deeper rich shades, but it all works!The lone dark wood nightstand works wonderfully with the small space. It actually completes the look. It’s a clever arrangement. In addition, the Pieces of artwork on the wall add to the contemporary design of the bed space. It’s absolutely lovely.

This is the type of apartment that you fall in love with. It’s full of style, pizzazz, and a lot of charisma!

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