Small Aparment With Unlimited Space

Small Aparment With Unlimited Space

This charming small apartment features a strategically placed brick wall, floor to ceiling glassed balcony doors and high ceilings all placed in a contemporary setting. Though each piece of furniture is decorative, the apartment has a practical layout, and each piece has a purpose.

The ceiling height gives the illusion of additional space; hence, the clever positioning of each piece of furniture which in now way interferes with the limited space. White walls against chestnut hued hardwood floors are a lovely arrangement that makes decorating this small apartment easier than ever.

Add color, graphic art, and flower arrangements, and you have a comfortable ambiance and personalized space without overcrowding. Because the apartment is box-like, adding some curves with the round table is fun and easily adds another dimension to the room’s size.

In addition, a multi-hued accent rug, adorned with bold stripes or geometrically Asian influenced patterns, gives this small apartment just the right amount of panache while keeping things modest and welcoming.

Another great decorating trick for small apartments is using mirrors. They reflect light and enlarge spaces. The use of a single oval mirror hanging on the far wall of this small apartment bestows a feeling of perpetuity, while the balcony provides an easy non-obtrusive diversion.

Tactically placed behind the sofa, a one-stop bookcase serves multiple storage needs. This ceiling high bookcase in no way breaks up the space because the color synchronizes so well with the room’s color theme. Furthermore, a benefit to the space of this small apartment is its shape. The “L” shape gives a loft type feeling and creates the illusion of several rooms.

Plain white walls become a miniature art gallery with each piece adding a certain richness in color and detail that radiates throughout the entire décor. By adding decorative pillows, and distinctive knick-knacks on every surface, each area has its own motif without being distracting. Onlookers will be able to take in each piece, which makes for an impressive display.

Even if your space is limited, you can still put together a grand color scheme that isn’t hard to pull-off. For example, in this small apartment the kitchen is decked out in a lucid grey with black textured wallpaper with hints of distressed decorative accents and deeply rich hues, all tied together with a bit of foliage and chrome fixtures. Additionally, the workspace is magically linked to the bookcase creating a “one piece” ensemble. Positioned floor lamps illuminate dark-corners and avant-garde lighting on the walls effortlessly creating a luminous aura.

This small apartment manages to fit in everything required for an efficient, cozy abode. Though it’s open spaced with the entertainment area at one end and the sleeping area at the other, privacy will never be an issue. It’s about good planning, the right furnishings, perfect tints, and a keen eye for the sui generis in limited spaces. This small apartment manages to bring it all together flawlessly. Small Aparment With Unlimited Space 2 Small Aparment With Unlimited Space 3 Small Aparment With Unlimited Space 4 Small Aparment With Unlimited Space 5 Small Aparment With Unlimited Space 6 Small Aparment With Unlimited Space 7 Small Aparment With Unlimited Space 8 Small Aparment With Unlimited Space 9 Small Aparment With Unlimited Space 10 Small Aparment With Unlimited Space 11 Small Aparment With Unlimited Space 12


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