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Scandinavian Interior Design Done Right

Scandinavian Design is a style that emphasizes minimalism or simply minimalistic design in an area, it is a blend of textures, soft hues, and a combination of classic with modern touches but in a more simple way making the design and decor more inviting and less intimidating. The details are the clean look, simple utility, and furnishings that are both functional and beautiful. They are also known for their simple color patterns, classic furniture that has a modern color and design, which can be very eye-catching since the Scandanavian design is also about playing with the natural light.

Scandinavian Interior Design Ideas

Scandinavian light grey and white kitchen with traditional swedish fireplace and white wood flooring

The addition of high contrast makes it more simple and but elegant looking, usually, the interior design of specific furniture such as the dining room can be all white which can be seen as a little boring, but with a touch of the black color to the furniture such as the chairs and curtains, it can really show the classic design of the interior making it like look a classic European inspired design which is usually the case in old heritage buildings in Europe. The furniture design must also take up too much space and they are usually mod furniture to properly contemplate the interior design.

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Incorporating colorful art is also a must to make sure that the Scandanavian design would really stand out, mostly the art design is about graphic art where it is colorful and yet simple in design making it more applicable in the Scandinavian design. Some designs include botanical prints of flowers and plants usually, they are placed in the dining area making it more appealing to the eyes. Making the vibrant feel cozier and less intimidating, gives a relaxing and warm feeling. This is a perfect design for individuals who want to have luxury and simplicity at the same time, more importantly, it does not give that expensive vibe especially in an appartment.

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The furniture in a Scandanavian design must be made with wood and colored it warmth color such as oak brown because this will give a lively appearance to the apartment and gives another spark of that simplistic look, it also gives an idea of having the area sunny and bright that keeps the apartment alive and welcoming, positive vibes will be everywhere because Scandanavian design is about bringing life to a certain place and experience comfort and coziness in a simple and yet classic way.

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