30 Best Living Room Color Ideas Schemes

indigo emerald green living room color scheme

Having a couple of living room color schemes in mind prior to doing a living room interior redesign can help you achieve a cohesive aesthetic that will look pleasing to the eye. Elements in a room can be tied together using color and this is one of the most common interior design principles that yuo can use to achieve the living room style of your dreams.

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Get inspired with 30 of the best living room colors that you can achieve in your own space. 30 Living Room Color Ideas

Crisp whites and browns color scheme idea

1. Crisp whites and browns

This color combination is timeless and very versatile. If you want to stick with one color combination and avoid trends, this is the combination to pick. White also allows you to add more colors if you want to give your space a quick makeover down the road.

Image: Kendall Jenner’s L.A. home earth tone living room / Photo by @wabranowicz; interior design by @clementsdesign and @waldosdesigns / AD

Ocean blue and canary yellow living room color scheme idea

2. Ocean blue and canary yellow

Deep, royal, or ocean blue adds so much depth to any space and will give it an elegant feel in an instant. Brighten things up with vibrant canary yellow accents, whether it’s with the drapes or some wall art.

Image: IKEA

Dark gray and pastels living room color scheme idea

3. Dark gray and pastels

Dark gray is a neutral and calming base for your living room aesthetic. Warm it up with a few well-chosen pastel colors to retain that calm vibe. A dark-gray wall, for example, can serve as the perfect backdrop for the loveseat in soft pastel pink.

Image: Ideal Home

Coral and turquoise living room color scheme idea

4. Coral and turquoise

Achieve an instant ocean vibe with this combo. Don’t go overboard with coral, however. Opt for one wall or use it as an inspiration for choosing furnishings or wall art.

Olive and royal blue living room color scheme idea

5. Olive and royal blue

If you want to create a classic, contemporary living room aesthetic this combination can help you get that look. Olive is traditional and sophisticated, and blue adds to that aesthetic while infusing a sense of calm and serenity. Pair this with sophisticated accents using glass and metallic finishes for a truly grown-up living room.

Red and black living room color scheme idea

6. Red and black

Go big and bold personality with this combo. Red is a powerful color and black is sophisticated and masculine. Perfect for a bachelor pad living room, the red and black combo doesn’t have to be in your face, either. Use the combination as accents to water-down the intensity of these colors for a modern space.

Clay and light grey living room color scheme idea

7. Clay and light grey

Clay for your walls can give you a warm aesthetic while light grey accents balance out the space. Or do it the other way around for a more versatile white base accented by this bright pop of organic color.

Image: home deco

Lilac and yellow living room color scheme idea

8. Lilac and yellow

Opt for pastel hues for the walls, accented by deeper colors. This combo will work great if you have a small space but don’t want boring white walls.

Image: Firmdale Hotels

Cream and light browns living room color scheme idea

9. Cream and light browns

Go for a Zen and traditional feel with this combo which can help you recreate a Japanese-inspired space. Cream and light browns can also be dressed up with classic furniture for a more timeless look and feel.

Image: Ashley

Pale blue and pastels living room color scheme idea

10. Pale blue and pastels

Achieve a serene feel with this color combination which you can use for the walls, furniture, and accents. Pale blue gives any room a calm and serene feel and pastels, especially in pinks and yellows, can add depth and warmth.

Image:  Windmill Wings 2067-60

Pistachio and brown living room color scheme idea

11. Pistachio and brown

This is a unique and fresh combination perfect for modern minimalist living rooms. The pistachio adds a touch of subtle color grounded by furnishings in brown or some other darker color for a solid focal point.

Tangerine and royal blue living room color scheme idea

12. Tangerine and royal blue

Give your living room a Moroccan feel with this color combination which you can dress up by introducing other bright colors like lilac and deep greens. Tangerine provides a dramatic backdrop for equally colorful wall art while deep blue grounds the entire space so that the room still has a central focal point.

Image: H&G

Light gray and bright yellow living room color scheme idea

13. Light gray and bright yellow

Light gray is a great neutral color that compliments bright colorful accents like canary yellow. It is less stark than plain white but neutral enough so that you can emphasize your bright accent and eclectic furnishings.

Image: Skonahem

Cream and navy blue living room color scheme idea

14. Cream and navy blue

A classic combination, cream, and navy blue can give you a traditional, classic feel. Cream walls are timeless, held down by furniture, and window treatments in navy blue. Avoid weighing the room with too much dark-colored furniture by opting for light-colored accessories sprinkled around the space.

15. Dark green and deep brown

Compliment wooden furniture with an dark green wall and accents for an exotic space. Add plants for an authentic outdoor vibe.

Image: House and Home

Powder blue and deep blue living room color scheme idea

16. Powder blue and deep blue

Monochromatic pallets run the risk of becoming visually overwhelming but not if you stick to cool and serene colors. Pair with minimalist room decor with curvy shapes to keep the aesthetic soft and inviting.


17. Raspberry and cream

Get the perfect mix of fun and sophisticated with this color combination. Raspberry is feminine, sultry yet fresh, and the cream accents can bring a touch of classic sophistication. You can dress this up with warm busy prints for the furniture and decor with metallic finishes for a glamorous living space.

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Cream and brown living room color scheme idea

18. Cream and brown

This is another classic look that you can switch to charming elegant look with a few accessories. Opt for sophisticated minimalist or eclectic by using brown as the backdrop and cream trim.

Image: Real Simple

Crimson and royal blue

19. Crimson and royal blue

If you love bright reds but want to avoid the fire station look, opt for crimson with royal blue for a vibrant and bold living room. Break up the colors with a touch of white, cream, or some other neutral color.

Image:  Katie Ridder

Beige and baby blue living room color scheme

20. Beige and baby blue

Achieve a Scandinavian feel with thsi combo which you can freshen up with pops of crimson or bright yellow. Pair with Scandinavian furniture for a clean and airy look and feel.

Image:  katie davis design

Tangerine and cornflower living room color scheme idea

21. Tangerine and cornflower

Opt for a country feel that is vibrant yet comfy. Choose a cornflower or white base and use the tangerine for a bright pop of color, whether on the sofa, the ottoman, or the throw pillows.

22. Grey, brown and black

Ground your living room with these neutral colors. Opt for a grey base for the walls and accent with brown window treatments, accessories with black finishes for an organic, elegant space. You can also introduce vibrant reds or crisp whites to balance out the energy in the room.


Bluebird and snowy white living room color scheme idea

23. Bluebird and snowy white

Show off your contemporary furniture with a bluebird and snowy white color combo. The snowy white accents help keep the room light and airy, while the bluebird base gives it a grown-up, contemporary feel.

Image: Elements Of Style

Green and cream living room color scheme idea

24. Green and cream

This combo works great for an Oriental living room design. The cream can complement the yellow undertones of fresh plants and colorful tribal prints, while light green can be used to create a vibrant wall that you can dress up with colorful wall decor.

Image: Melanie Jade Design


25. Saffron yellow and kelly green

This is a very retro combo that you can modernize with some grey and beige. Opt for wooden furnishings in bleached white for a beachside, family-friendly feel.

Image: Melanie Jade Design

Brown leafy green and antique white living room color scheme

26. Brown leafy green and antique white

Create an island cottage feel with this combo. Complete the look with wicker accents whether on the table and rugs, plants for a splash of nature.

Image: Elements Of Style

Indigo crisp white and rust living room color scheme

27. Indigo, crisp white, and rust

This is a great color combo for a truly American contemporary style. Keep the accent and accessories minimal to avoid visual clutter and let the colors do the work.

28. Brown and linen

Create a rich and Oriental vibe with this combo while keeping the mood relaxed. A couch in linen keeps the space neutral and live-in, and the brown elevates the look of the living room.

Black and white living room color scheme idea

29. Black and white

Keep your living room modern and minimalist with this combo. Pair with modern artwork, metal finishes, and glass accents if you want a masculine feel. Opt for splashes of color, rounded accessories, and even wood and fur to give it a feminine vibe.

Image: Peridot

Mint green and brown living room color scheme

30. Mint green and browns

This combo is just pure eye-candy but it is also organic and calming. Mint green walls keep the living room bright and airy while different shades of brown help ground the space for an earthy, neutral look.

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