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Live It Up The Scandinavian Way

bright scandinavian attic

What is the best you can expect out of a humble abode in the cold European cultural linguistic country of Scandinavia? A sliding roof top and some sunshine! Well, this upbeat and wonderful Scandinavian attic apartment definitely has a lot more to offer!

Discerned on Alvhem, this attic not only features an expansive roof terrace, it is also situated on the high-status Rose Street, in Linnestaden, a central urban district of Gothenburg, Sweden. The apartment is in a stunning 20th century building and takes pride in its stylish entryway with a cozy wood burning stove. The living room is very well ventilated and supports a typical Scandinavian sloped ceiling that binds together all the apartment’s rooms. The kitchen has a great sliding glass door that leads out to the rooftop terrace, making the periphery between indoors and outdoors effortlessly blurred. The walls and ceilings of this chic residence are painted sparkling white. The attic apartment’s open plot, teamed up with all the white, visually widens up the spectrum and opens up the space, giving off a sunny and roomy feel. The best thing about Scandinavian interiors, they are so inviting and cliquish.

The skylights ad enormous windows are amongst its best features that open the door to so much natural light. With all the lamps turned on at night and their reflections blushing on these windows, the attic virtually glows. Scandinavia is all about the winter season and the snow, and that’s when the house is at its aesthetic best. While it is icy and blue outside, through the skylights, you see the snowflakes landing on the window glass while live fire seems to be in its best spirits, dancing away in nearly every room accompanied by candles burning at their own sweet pace. The way I look at it, this house can make anyone a part of its joyfuldwelling. Moreover, it seems to well display the benefits of Scandinavian interior design.

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Via Alvhem

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