Contemporary Colorful Faucet by Savil

Contemporary Colorful Faucet by Savil

V-Tondo faucet by Italian firm Savil is a great choice for your bathroom if you want to give a contemporary feeling but with a playful touch. Reflection on the water as essence of purity and life. V-TONDO acts as intermediary between the water and the man. If the water is essential, V-TONDO is linear. If the water is pure, V-TONDO is simple. If the beauty of water is its transparency, the impact is the beauty of V-TONDO. From the reflection on the water as the essence of life and purity born the cylindrical-shaped tube where the spout water hides and merges in its own body. The use of a progressive cartridge allows to keep intact the essential line of V-TONDO, the knob for opening and mixing the water is perfectly integrated with the whole body in extreme simplicity and elegance.

Contemporary red white Faucet by Savil

Contemporary black white Faucet by Savil

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