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RF House by studio ro+ca

RF House interior

The mark of any creative artist lies in the simplicity of his work; the same holds true for the occupant of this house by studio ro+ca. From the choice of painting on the wall, you are made aware of someone whose prowess in fine detail is highly unmatched. The primary color of choice is unique; the white color indicates a sign of purity, which is closely related to Godliness. It is worth noting that the bedroom has a dark colored background creates a contrast that serves to absorb much of the light.

The living room is an embodiment of perfection; the massive flat screen hang on the wall shows an occupant who has an exquisite taste of things life has to offer. More importantly all the electronic items serve not only to entertain the resident but also the guest as well. The couch made of excellent material and resting against a wooden wall art placed directly opposite the flat screen offers a great view to enjoy a movie or just a tv show. The metallic table is unique as it’s rare among many households, the simplicity with which it is crafted coupled with the stool, as well as the carpeting material on the floor, make the living room the perfect spot to spend some quiet time all alone or with a loved one.
It is needless to say that the kitchen is utterly unique, the working surface (where most of the chopping and slicing of the food takes place) is pure marble. Adjacent to it the dining table that can host at least four guests lit with an overhead bulb and has some fruits on a rack as well as a plant material placed in a unique spot to distract your thoughts as food cooks in the ultra-modern cooking oven.
The design in the bedroom elicits a feeling of comfort making the though more predominant once you are inside. The king sized pillows, the nicely designed puffs beside the bed holding reading glasses as well as a book and the overhead lights all point to an interior designer who put a lot of thought into his work.
A workstation fitted with a modern Apple computer offers some peace and quiet where research is on school assignments, as well as just own studies on areas of particular interests, are done. Who would not want such a place to have their individual studies?
The whole area around the bathroom is naturally clean; the tiles are white and all sparkly. The mirror is spotless, the handle of the glass doors, as well as the sinks all, indicate unquestionable hygienic standards that can impress you as a reader. Moreover, the area around the bathroom has a unique non-slip material meant to prevent any unwanted injuries in such a house setting.
It only takes a trained eye to notice that the occupant has a thing for collectible. Such as the multi-faced vase, beneath the flat screen, in addition to this, minute golden action figures can be located on the premises as well as an imitation of a horse’s head hang on the wall in an area that serves as a second dining area, just opposite the kitchen’s eating area.
All in all this house setting is one which anyone would desire, whether you are wealthy or young, less privileged or from an elite society. It would give you so much joy, if not pleasure to have the keys to such a kingdom.

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