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5 Christmas Home Decorating Trends

Christmas Home Decorating Trends

Image: Festive Circles Garland

Christmastide is here! So modernists, are you ready to rejoice? Once again the wonderful festival brings in a lot of joy and cheer, along with a lot of presents, and food! But, with each passing year, it also brings with it the opportunity to be more and more creative, elaborate, and decorative! And, if you are completely mystified for the choice of themes, textures, colors, and decorative ideas, you are not alone! So, wondering how to achieve that perfect color-coordinated Christmas theme that will turn your home into a wonderland? Well, here is your picture perfect guide:
olive branch natural Christmas decoration
1. Natural 
How about trying a natural eco-chic decoration idea this Christmas? Well, don’t be a slave to the past trends, and try out this phenomenal idea! Natural olive branches are a great choice with wonderful green-silver leaves along with splayed branches. They are extremely easy to decorate, and adds a natural color with timeless green decor. So bring a touch of your outdoors in, and enjoy your holiday season.

Image: PEACE Wreath


Christmas Home Decorating Trends 2

Image: cote de texas

Christmas Home Decorating Trends 3

Image: una boda original

Christmas Home Decorating Trends 4

modern country Christmas decoration black and white and natural

2.Modern Country 

Do you want an extremely simple, yet elegant look? To your surprise, this is the simplest of all! From rustic wood filled with spruce branches to wreaths, adding pops of some green foliage throughout your interior, mixed with silhouettes of forest animals like bears- it can be a marvelous idea. Yes, a few impressions come together best on the tree!

Image: StoneGable

Christmas Home Decorating Trends country 6

Image: the inspired room



Christmas Home Decorating Trends country 11

Image: the paper mulberry

Christmas Home Decorating Trends country 10

Image: pottery barn

Christmas Home Decorating Trends country 9

Christmas Home Decorating Trends country 8 Christmas Home Decorating Trends country 7

Image: Brooklyn Limestone

Christmas Home Decorating Trends country 12


Frosted Fairytale Christmas decoration
3. Frosted Fairytale 

Want to glam up your home like a winter wonderland? Well, for a breathtaking look of your tree, add some pop of colors. Cool and pale blues and pinks are a hot trend this season. These shades can be incorporated with frosted decorations sprinkled with glitter, creating a regal and strong appeal. You can also add a tint of silver and gold to create a warmer palette.

Christmas Home Decorating Trends 13

Image: Nelly Vintage Home photography

Christmas Home Decorating Trends 14

Image: Dreamy Whites

Christmas Home Decorating Trends 15

Christmas Home Decorating Trends 16

Image: paper crystals by zilverblauw

Scandinavian Christmas Home decoration trend

4. Scandinavian

Scandinavians definitely know how to make things around you cosy. Often characterized by rich lush greens, reds, whites, and pale woods, Scandinavian design can suit any home. So if you wish to make your home a lot warmer, yet modern, go in for this idea. You can stick to a color palette of silvers and whites with pine cones, natural greenery, sparse ornaments, along with animal skins and wool blankets to add some warmth.

Christmas Home Decorating Trends 17

Christmas Home Decorating Trends 18 Christmas Home Decorating Trends 1719

Image: Hege in France


gold metallic urban Christmas Home decoration trend

5. Urban Edge
Do you love urban themes and metallics? If yes, then do not stop at golds and silvers! For an amazingly whimsical look use pale wood to add artistry and intricacy to your tree. Also, mix warm industrial materials with metallics such as rose gold and copper for a brass-finished look. This blend will look close in hue to seamless natural wooden finish.

Image: Brass olive branch wall décor

Christmas Home Decorating Trends 2125
So, don’t stop at your Christmas tree alone this year- extend your imagination and decoration with these phenomenal ideas!

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